Returned To Earth, All Is Well  

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3/6/2006 12:50 am

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Returned To Earth, All Is Well

Whoa! It was one hell of a ride friends, and I'm back to tell you all about it.
I'd been up working for 3 days straight, no sleep, living on Vitamin C and Cocaine as the Dead song says, and driving home in one hell of a
snow storm. It's a verifiable Dakota blizzard, the temp is maybe 10 degrees, wind out of the northwest at 30 to 40 miles per, and snow so thick that you can't see 50 foot ahead. I'm staying tucked behind an 18 wheeler in my F250 4
wheel drive and we're making a hard 40 miles an hour on I-29
Most all the other travellers were smart enough to get off at the last exit and I'm surprised that the state troopers haven't shut us down yet. But I figure that as long as the trucker ahead can move forward, I'll keep driving too 'cause I'm only 3 hours from home.
Another few miles and I notice the trucker starting to slow and before I can say, 'what the
fuck?' he goes sliding off the side of the road down a slight embankment. I tap the brakes gently until I come to a stop and look back thru my rear window to see if he's ok. Can't see a thing, too much snow, so I grab my parka and step
out of the warmth of my truck into the blizzard from hell. I trudge back to where the trucker skided in snow up to my shins, each step a real
effort. I work my way down to the cab of the rig
as the trucker swings open the door.
I hear a female voice call out,'thanks for stopping dude, this storm is a real fuckin' bitch
but I thought we'd be able to outrun it!'
"Well, I'm thinkin' that we should of got off at the last exit, and I'm not sure how far the next one is but if you lock it up you're welcome to ride with me, my name is Bob"
'Thanks Bob, I'm Shelly, I'm from Alabama and until now, drove this rig for East Texas Muther-
Fuckers. I imagine that after they get the tow bill for this I'll be lookin' for new employment
and I do appreciate you stopping.'
Shelly and I fought our way back to my pickup, which the snow manage to disguise as an igloo in
the few minutes I stopped and after stowing her gear in the back we started along south on the interstate once again, only slower now. I was lucky to get up to 20 mph with Shelly navagating
the right-side and me the left, both trying to tell hiway from farmland. After another hour or so we hit some rough bumps and went into a spin until we stopped at the bottom of what appeared to be a ditch along the road. At the same time I
noted that my fuel guage showed less than an eight of a tank. Not much to run on to keep warm
until things cleared and help arrived.
"Look, over there!" Shelley yelled as she pointed
out the windshield to what appeared to be a blue-
white light in the distance.
"There must be a farm or town there" I added as I
tried to judge the light's distance and if there
were others nearby. " I'll walk to it and see if I can get help" I volunteered.
"I'll come with you " Shelley said, there's no sense in waiting here when no one can get out in
this storm".
We bundled up and after I tied a short cord to each of our waists so we didn't lose track of each other we set off into the storm.
After what seemed like an hour of knee-deep snow
and the single light not getting any closer we were both totally exhausted and stopped to lean against each other and rest.
The wind was howling so bad we had to yell in order to talk and so the talking was limited and we saved our energy for survival instead. We knew that we were in a bad way if we didn't get to the source of the light soon.
Endlessly we fought our way, stumbling, tripping,
and cursing our ever-weakening progress until we
both, clinging to each other, fell down one last time. And then it happened.
Above us a blinding, stark, swatch of light enveloped us, so bright that it was unreal, and
then the noise followed. A roaring, ear-splitting, frightening, shrieking, scare-you-to-
fuckin'-death sound the which I've never heard before. Shelley screamed and I yelled in surprise, fear, and wonderment as this huge, vibrating, slow-moving appreratus seemed to hover above us. My senses finally connected the light and the noise to the 'thing' above us and I
yelled out even more as I realized that it was a
spacecraft of some sort, and it was landing right
on top of us.
"It's aliens, oh fuck!! We're gonna be taken by
aliens !!" Shelley wailed loud enough for me to
hear and wish that she hadn't just confirmed my own thoughts and fears.
A second later, the craft moved over us, so close
above that I could see the landing gear lowering
and my numb, frozen, fear-soaked brain register
the fact that I'd never seen a movie that showed
any type of landing gear on an alien spacecraft.
What the fuck? As the 'thing' moved further away
and lower yet I noticed that there was other lights, yeah, runway lights! The damn aliens have a regular damn landing strip here......
"It's the airport!" Shelley rejoiced," we're walking across the runway of an airport"
We both regained our feet, and composure with the
knowledge those words brought as we held tight to
each other and headed towards where we could see
the plane now taxiing to a stop at a small commuter service building.
Once inside, warm with cups of hot coffee in our hands Shelley whispered, " I thought that we were
gonna get snatched by aliens, how stupid." I started to say something manly but instead said,
'yeah, me too. I was just hoping they'd of let us mate for one of their studies or something, no sense in riding around with aliens if you can't enjoy it".

WildChild5884 32F

3/6/2006 8:06 pm

What an entrance! Welcome back

electricbob3 61M
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3/6/2006 8:38 pm

Thanks WildChild, glad to see that you stopped by and believe me, it's my pleasure to attempt entertainment, especially for you.

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