Nobody Stops By Anymore?  

electricbob3 61M
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4/4/2006 12:02 am
Nobody Stops By Anymore?

I must of offended a hell of alot of people cause
there's not anyone stopping in to read and leave a comment anymore. Gotta admit, I miss it, all of
you who've visited over this past months have been a real pleasure.
I know that there's plenty of real writers on this site layin' down the stories that folks
enjoy, or the questions and comments more attuned
to what's hip today and what's not. I only wrote
because someone out there seemed to like it and
now since there's a total lack of readers I'm basically sayin' goodbye to myself here! Ha! What a friggin' bummer in the 1st degree.
Well, I'm going to cruise some real writers' blogs for a bit and then call it a nite, er...I
mean, morning! Best Regards People, you've been
more than great, you've been inspirational!

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