Mad Professor Claims Bloggers Live Longer!!  

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7/12/2006 4:46 am

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Mad Professor Claims Bloggers Live Longer!!

Recent studies in the New Guinea Journal of Medicine, widely viewed as the imminent voice of
medical professionals world wide, caused a stir in more conventional medical circles yesterday when it reported research findings on longevity.
The article, entitled, "Blog for added years or
don't blog and die early", claimed that a imfamous team of research and clinical experts, two of which attended the prestigious "Bob's School of Medicine, Beermaking, & Pottery" and were both contributors during their academic careers on several levels to the schools medical
review, "Bob's Medical Revival & Comics", conducted extensive trials and surveys revealing that people who regularly write a blog outlive non-bloggers by 46+ years.
This entry into modern-day theories and case studies has raised a few eye-brows, most noticably at the equally prestigious "Jack's School of Medicine, Collision Repair, & Comedy Club" which is a direct competitor for federal,
private, and organized crime grants, loans, and
donations. Jack's Dean of Fender Replacement,
Sir Scabbies Onhara proclaimed, " Bob's article,
just like his research, is lacking in substance, I know because they attempted to buy an ounce of
Oregon Big Bud from me, has very little factual
basis to attest to the authur's ability to even
spell the word, "longevity", and futhermore, our own research conducted since the article was released yesterday contents that bloggers won't live 46+ years longer than non-bloggers but serves to prove that bloggers will average a
somewhat impressive 62 years longer life than non-bloggers. The significance of this claim cannot be overlooked nor spread about to the un-
learned, ignorant, or ugly so that a panic arise
with the extremely untalented writers clogging the blog-ways with drivel. Darvin's Law of Nature must be allowed it's course undisturbed and unfettered."
Upon hearing Sir Scabbies Onhara's comments the
President and Founder of BSMBP, Bob 'IrishCock' MacManhon spoke to this reporter and revealed that not just mere blogging will extend a persons life-span but sexual, sensual, and kinky
forms of blogging all prove to excellerate the additional years bloggers gain on their non-blogging counterparts. "I've said it before and I'll say it again lad! Fuck-it, Suck-it, Finger-it, Yank-it, or Rub-it, if'n you unload once a day minimum, even by writing about it, it relieves stress, tension, clogging of the arteries, and puts a smile in yer heart, and that will serve to advance any man's or woman's
lifetime"!!!! Story by Dick Harder Photos by Freeda Vagina UPI

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7/12/2006 6:40 am

So let's keep on blogging!

electricbob3 61M
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7/12/2006 9:32 am

Thank you Lovely Akron 42, you're surely right! We'll just keep on keeping on-blog until all has been blogged!!! Peace, Bob

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