Lessons From A Union Boss  

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1/9/2006 10:36 pm

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Lessons From A Union Boss

I was 5 years old when I realized my grandfather
was a very powerful man. An Irish-Catholic, smoked real Cuban cigars, wore fine tailored pin-
striped suits with a flower in his lapel every
day. He walked around as if he owned the world,
cigar in the corner of his mouth, and one hand in his pants pocket jingling the silver dollars
he carried. I recall asking him what he did to
get all those big coins and he looked at me like
I'd just pissed the floor in front of him and he
said, " I take it from people " !! I ran and told my mother that grandpa was a robber! She explained to me that he was referring to the Union dues he collected. I still wonder if she
really knew or not.
One day I was visiting my grandparents and I walked into grandpa's study, stood in front of his desk watching him smoke one of his huge cigars and asked, " Grandpa, may I have one of
those cigars to smoke" ? He smiled and replied,
" Can you touch the crack in your ass with your
penis yet?" I thought about it and shook my head
no, then with head down and ashamed of my short-
comings I left the room.
An hour or so later I looked in on grandpa again
and noticed that he was drinking a tall cold glass of beer. " Grandpa, can I have one of your
beers please?" He laughed and said, " Is your penis long enough now to touch the crack of your ass ?" Rejected once more I left the room and headed to my grandmothers kitchen where I could always count on warmth, understanding, and good
things to eat. She asked me why I looked like the
pup without a teet to suckle and I told her where
as she mumbled a Irish curse under her breath and
informed me that see had some special cookies she
had made just for me. She left the kitchen as I
drowned my shame and rejection with cold milk and
the oven warm cookies and in came grandpa with
his empty beer glass.
" Well, look what you have Bobby. boy those cookies sure smell good. Can your ole grandpa have a couple with you?"
" I looked at grandpa for a good 30 seconds and then asked, " can you touch the crack of your ass
with your penis grandpa?"
He laughed, and gleamed, " as a matter of fact lad I can indeed".
I calmly replied, " well that's good grandpa cause grandma made these cookies for me so you can just go fuck yourself"!!!!

electricbob3 61M
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1/10/2006 9:26 pm

You're welcome and I hope you are getting along well with the Free-Princess ordeal. Chat to you soon, bob

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