It's The Damn Cat !  

electricbob3 61M
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6/28/2006 10:20 pm
It's The Damn Cat !

My two buddies and I were on leave from the Army
for five days back in 1974 and driving from Fort
Lee Virginia to St. Louis Missouri so we could do
some partying with some of my high school friends. We had decided to take Jim's old Chevy
Nova because it had a 6 banger where-as Pete's Corvette and my Mustang were big V8's. Going through the mountains of West Virginia at 2 am in
a raging snow storm had made the going slow and
dangerous. Finally, after a dozen near-wrecks and
too many close calls we ended up stuck on a road in the middle of nowhere, with the temperature dropping fast. Pete pointed out a light barely
visible in the storm a short distance away so we
headed out walking in hopes of getting help.
The light was in the window of a old farmhouse and after banging on the door until our hands hurt an ancient farmer opened it and ordered us inside. The house was small, but very warm and well tended and once we'd explained what had happened he said that we could spend the night and assist us with the car in the morning.
As we listened to him we heard footsteps on the old wooden stairs that we were soon pleased to see belonged to the farmers daughter. As we were
introduced all three of us noted her beauty and
with her wearing only a cotton night gown we couldn't help but note her sexuality as well. We
all drank a small cup of corn whiskey while we
talked until the farmer said that it was time for bed. Taking us upstairs he informed us that
all of the beds were in one room that covered the
entire second floor. He asked us to promise not
to try any shenanigans with his daughter and warn us that he sleep with a shot gun in his bed.
The daughter, standing behind her father, was giving us the 'come and get it' sign as he spoke
which kept all of our fingers crossed during our
false promises made.
An hour later, all of us were in bed sleeping. I
had laid there waiting until I was sure that it was safe before making my was on hands & knees to
the daughters bed. She fucked the hell out of me
and told me to go get one of my friends, she wanted some more. As I crawled back towards my bed one of the floorboards made a loud squeaking
noise which caused the farmer to sit up straight
in his bed and call out, "whose there? If it's one of you damn Army boys trying to mess with my daughter I'm gonna blow yer head off". I thought
quickly and replied with, " meow". The farmer seemed relieved and fell back to sleep.
I woke Pete up, told him that the girl wanted him
and to be careful on the loose floorboards.
About 20 minutes after he'd snunk over to the gals bed I heard a loud squeak. Again the old farmer sat up in bed with his shotgun and asked
who was there. I heard Pete say, " meow " and then the farmer saying, " damn cat ". Peter came back and woke Jim up. With-in moments Jim made it to the girl's bed, and about 15 minutes later
we heard him crawling back. Just as both Pete and I had hit that damn loose board we heard the farmer yell, "Whose that?" Instantly we noted Jame's smart-ass remark. He answered the farmer as quickly as we had earlier and called out, "It's the Cat!!"

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