Independence Day-The Do's & Don'ts In America  

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7/1/2006 3:06 am

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Independence Day-The Do's & Don'ts In America

Do spend an outrageous amount of money on fireworks that cause you more headaches than you
assumed you paid for.
Don't show the grandkids how to hold a roman candle while it's lit, unless of course they've got grandma in their sites.
Do remember what this country fought for in order to win it's independence, and then ask your
congressman(person)why we've got an illegal income tax being levied on every working American??
Don't forget that "Taxation, Without Representation" is the governments way of saying,
'fuck you, pay or go to jail and still pay'!!!
Do vote in every damn election you can!! School Board, County, City, State, whatever, vote and be counted!! Your smart asses of the world say, 'oh, my vote don't count anyway' and the bottom line is, YES IT DOES !!!
Don't be one of those smart asses and think that your vote don't count. Voting sets us as a nation
and people apart from most of the rest of the world and we were the rebels that started a free
and equal society where each and every vote meant
the birth of democracy. In turn, we are able to question our government and the elected officials
we place our trust in.
Do question those elected officials! It's become a millionaires club as far as congress is concern and special interest groups, PA Cs, and paid lobbyist have had free reign on our elected officials. We need to demand that ALL congressional leaders, Cabinet Posts, and the President/Vice President be paid Minimum Wage! If
they're paid minimum wage, you see the wage go up
from $6.75 or whatever to about $60 bucks an hour
quick!! Nah, but paying minimum wage will allow us to seat elected officials that, a.)don't need the money, hence they can't easily be bribed. b.)
chose office as a true servant of the people, not as a sure means to 'millionaires club' status.
c.) will be accustomed to working for an honest
wage, not some 'born with the silver spoon' Ivy
League mommas boy that's had it made in the shade since birth. Politicians should represent the people-not be some 'my money says I'm boss'
idiot that's never had to worry about making a house payment or buying groceries for his 6 kids.
Don't believe a word our government says anymore!
We've developed the biggest, baddest, and most
effective propaganda machine since Hitler in WWII
How can you tell when the government's lying? It's easy, their mouths are moving!! Our system has become so rotten with greed, self-serving standards and morals along with the 'shadow government' of power brokers weaving their secret webs of deceit, that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, would destroy the house of cards that special interest groups and big business built.
Do look for viable, unsolicited, and un bias folks
who aren't members of the Republican or Democratic parties as alternatives in coming elections. We have to break this hold big business and special interest groups have on our politicians and that means breaking into the 2 party system we've contrived thru default.
Don't be afraid to exercise your rights in determining our governmental boundaries and policies. It's YOUR RIGHT as an AMERICAN to ensure that government serves the people's will, not vice-a-versa, READ the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!!!! Our present government is slowly but surely nullifying those documents to the point of ridicule and worthlessness. It's time to stop the backward slide and reclaim our
freedoms, basic rights, and trust in those who represent our nation.
Do enjoy the over-priced fireworks, that you paid
$3.00 a gallon for the extra gas you had to have in order to go to the fireworks store or city park where they'll shoot off a million dollars worth of taxpayers money in less than 10 minutes
but never have the funds to fix the pot-holes in
the streets you drive to work on!
Remember People !!! It's OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY, lets act like it! Peace, Bob

electricbob3 61M
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7/3/2006 10:16 pm

Thanks Ms. Amber, Canada has the same do's and don'ts eh? Doggone it,
all this time I thought that Canadians had more sense then us south of the border folks. Gonna have to get better acquainted with some Canuks I suppose, are you available for tutoring by chance? Peace Bob

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