I Use To Pray, In My Youth  

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12/7/2005 1:39 am

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I Use To Pray, In My Youth

I remember the last time I prayed, 'cause it was the last week before summer vacation started and I was getting to spend a week with my single aunt, Aunt Sally. Aunt Sally was my mom's older sis by a year and because she had no children of her own she'd take one of us nephews or neices on a holday with her. That was great and finally got the boy out of the country and landed his mind in the gutter!
One day I'd been out playin stickball when I came back to my aunts house only to find that something wasn't right.
"Aunt Sally?" I yelled as we all stood looking out of her big picture window. " I'm home and can I have a snack before dinner?" No answer but I heard a slight buzzing sound and what sounded like moans and groans comin from upstairs.
We all raised our voices again and still the low sound of buzz saws were cutting thru this lovely
St. Joseph afternoon. As my friends here in the city headed for home I started up the stairs intriqued by the mystery noise. At the top of the stairs I noticed it was coming from my aunts bedroom. Damn!! I thought, there is someone or something in there with aunt Sally and he or it is hurtin her pretty bad to cause her to be cryin and moanin like that. Taking a deep breath and counting to seven I ran full on into the door that held my aunt captive.To my pleased surprize it burst inward just like the ones in the movies, sending me careening headfirst onto the floor.
The sound persisted, and grew louder, more urgent, and I prayed that God would help aunt Sally hold on until I arrived.
Imagine my confusion and dismay as I rushed into my aunts bedroom to hear and see her lying on the bed, naked, a banana looking object making all that buzzing sound stuck between her thighs, I could see that she was trying hard fo free it but I thought in reality she wasn't doing very well. She was so busy screaming that she didn't notice me standing inside the door. I heard her say, Ooooh Lord!!! Ooooooh God, that feels so goooood, and she started chanting " God bring me a man, over and over again. Realizing that my aunt was intent on praying and wasn't concerned about that vibrating, buzzing banana she fought to take out of her private parts, I hurried out of the room, embarressed. This pattern seemed to stay the same, even with the neighbors asking me about the noise in my aunts home. All that week I heard my aunt getting her self all worked up and screaming for God to bring her a man so that on the last evening I was there I heard her in the dining room, yelling and moaning and groaning, I ran to see what stepped up the madness and lo, and behold. there was the mailman, naked, with my naked aunt, rubbing their bodies together until one of em gets what they're asking for.
I'll be damn! It works, the power of prayer works so I intend to pray just like my aunt Sally does. She got her man she asked the Lord for didn't she?
An idea flashed into my mind and I ran upstairs as fast as possible. Once inside my room I stripped the blankets and sheets from my bed, undressed myself, lay down on the bed and started jerking on my small, youthful, but very hard, penis. I got a good rhythm going like Aunt Sally did so I started calling out, " Lord, bring me a new bycicle, please God, I need a new Bike".

electricbob3 61M
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12/9/2005 9:41 am

Nah Fly, I didn't get the bike but I did get a ass-whoopin' when my aunt caught me pullin' my pud on her new quilt, and boy was my face red when I found out prayer wasn't all it was cut out to be!!

electricbob3 61M
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1/9/2006 12:01 am

Dear Sexy Dys, it appears as if you have the perfect saddle I need for my next ride. Mmmmmmmm, sure would like to start licking you until the bucking started, that'd be the perfect Sunday ride!

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