Here It Is, Almost Xmas Already !!!  

electricbob3 61M
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7/5/2006 5:13 am
Here It Is, Almost Xmas Already !!!

July 5th, we're staring Christmas right in the ole smack-a-roo and I for one, ain't liking it one bit!! I'm haven't even begun to devise the traps I'm gonna need to catch that Santy Claus pervert not to mention I've still most of the gifts I bought for friends and family ( Santy sure didn't supply 'em )but for one reason or another decided at the last moment that they weren't getting these gifts. It's 'cause they pissed me off when they called the goddamn poolice on me for shooting at Santy Claus. Hell,
I barely winged him and he's lucky he's alive after the mess him and those fucking reindeer made on my roof!! Shit, I picked up 40 beer cans
outta the gutter and off the yard!! The crazy old
lady that lives across the street has gone around
town telling folks that it was ME who drank all that beer on xmas eve and threw the cans all over tarnation. Fuckin' lyin' sack of bitches, some of the locals probably believe her too!! If
that was true than were did the bottle of Peach
Schnapps come from eh? I've never allowed that
tootie-fruity liquor in my home and don't see a day that I do unless Katie Curic has it strapped
between her thighs and she's here to fuck me!!!
Now, I've got to attend those Anger Management class-nothing pisses me off more-until the counselor says that I'm 'ok with my anger' and that ain't looking very likely anytime soon since
I threatened to shove a sharp number 2 lead pencil in her eye if she kept fuckin' with my good nature!!! Now there's a waste of sperm!! She's so stupid that she thinks that talking is how you deal with anger!! Hah!! Mad !!! Cursing !
Throwing Stuff !! Smackin' Someone across the mouth is how ya deal with your anger!!! I've been mad enough times to know goddammit and they should be payin' me to teach that friggin' class.
Dumb, dumb as a box of rocks she is!! But her body ain't too bad and she favors short skirts that lets you get an eyefull of muff while we're all sitting around in that fuckin' circle expressing ourselfs. I bet I drop my hat, pencil,
truck keys or something at least 50 times in a 2 hour session. You've got to get down to chair level to tell the color or pattern of her panties. Me and ole Red Murphy keep a running bet going on what color she'll wear and he's into
me for almost 300 bucks now and that's really startin' to piss me off!!! The only reason she hasn't kicked me out of group yet is because I think she wants to suck me off!! Yep, why else would she always be starin' at me with her mouth wide open when I'm tryin' to 'express' myself? I'm serious, every time I say something her mouth
falls open like she's expecting me to whip it out
right there in front of God and everyone and lay
cock, balls, hair and all right into her gapin'
dick-lickers!! Hell she's young enough to be my
daughter but at the rate she's going I doubt it if she'll live much past 30 years of age. I know
that there's been a number of times where I muttered to myself that she was damn lucky I didn't have my 9 millimeter with me when she goes
and asks me questions like, " have I ever thought
sexually about my mother"? All I could do was slash her car tires when we went out on a smoke break!!! Luckily the cops caught a kid in the parking lot the next night attemping to bust the winder out of her car and so they pinned the tires on him too and now he's up-state doing 3 years soft-time, and you can bet he's attending Anger Management while he's there too!!
But I'm gonna be real pissed off if I'm not done with this class by thanksgiving 'cause that's when Santy Claus season opens in my book and I've got to be ready!! He ain't getting off so damn easy this year and you know what? I'm not mad that he ain't, HO HO HO mutherfucker!!!

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