Finally, We Met !!  

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4/30/2006 3:11 am

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Finally, We Met !!

I stood at the SouthWest Airlines gate nervously
watching as the people on Flight 2112 came through the security door and greeted love ones,
business associates, or pushed past the gathering crowd to beat the rush for the baggage
claims area. I was awaiting Sandra, my first ever
actual meet with a woman from this site. I'd seen
her photos, talked to her on the phone a 100 times, but was still totally unsuspecting of who she really was until the very last person came out of the security door, looked right at me, and
smiled. I smiled back but was still waiting for
the person I was there for to step out behind the
elderly woman standing there smiling at me. Then,
she walked right up to me and said, " Hello Bob,
I'm sorry if you don't recognize me but I can explain that if you'll just give me a second." I
heard the voice and I think my heart stopped in
mid beat as I looked down to see the short, gray-
haired, elderly woman looking at me with those,
" please forgive me for lying " eyes and I was
barely able to say, " Sandra? Ah, welcome to Kansas City?"
She thanked me and as if in a trance we tentively
hugged and moved towards the baggage claim area.
As we walked I kept glancing over at her and it
was evident that she was the person in the photos
I'd seen but one hell of alot younger, by at least 20 years! She was now, 74 years old she told me as she apologized for the deception and
offered to reimburse me the cost of the round trip airfare and explained her reasons why she'd
perpetrated this surprise.
It seems as if our on-line affair had made her feel wanted, as a woman, again after so many years alone and she'd felt bound to meet me in
person in order to plead her case, instead of a
text messege or call. She'd been married 40
happy years when her Albert passed away and she hadn't felt needed by a man since, which was 12
years earlier. Our online meeting, e-mails, chats and phone calls had sparked her womanly
needs back to life and she was in love, something she never thought she'd feel again in
her remaining years.
I was stunned, flabbergasted, pissed-off to no end since I'd had my heart set on a pussy eating
clit sucking, hard cock fucking night at the hotel I'd rented for her in KC and I also started to feel stupid, used, and abused by this
grandmotherly gal. But as she continued to talk
I started feeling another emotion that caught me by surprise. It was sadness. Not for myself getting beat out of a wild night of sexual pleasures and memories, but rather a sense of compassion and sadness for this once beautiful,
sensual woman's loss. Her loss over these years
since her husband died went beyond his death because it left her at a time in her life that the only love, intimate moments or thoughts, and
touch of a man, was needed more than ever as a
reassuring shelter in our fears of growing old.
Along comes good ole horny Bob here and we start
chatting and then move on to phone sex, until we
end up at the MEET ! A moment when all the good things she'd felt, that she was needed and lusted
upon by a man, was coming to a shattering end.
But still she'd accepted my invite and caught the
plane up here to where she new that the end of our romance awaited. She could of just told me that she couldn't get away for that weekend and we may of never ended up meeting.
I thought all of this over as we smalled-talked
our way out to the parking lot where I put her
bags in the truck, unlocked the doors so we could
get in, and said, " Well, your flight back don't
leave until Sunday nite, the hotels already been paid, I've got dinner reservations for tonight and tomorrow, and tickets to hear some blues for tomorrow night after dinner. If that all sounds
ok with you then we'll get on over and get checked in."
She looked at me questionly and asked, " are you
still staying in the room with me or will you get another room? I won't blame you if you do and I'll pay for it too. You don't have to be nice and take me to dinner or anywhere Bob, after what i've done I wouldn't expect you to."
" What? You damn straight I'm staying in the room with you, all my stuffs in there and the mini bar is stocked to my specifications and we
will still have to eat and we sure don't wanna miss hearing the blues." I tried to sound gruff
but I saw her smile and so I smiled right back
and we had a laugh. I told her that she surely was one hot looking woman in those photos of her at younger ages. She told me that a couple of
those were of her daughter and the rest were ones
she had retouched before I got them. I asked her
if her daughter was seeing anyone and we had a even better laugh.
Well, we ended up with her paying me back for the airfare, we split the cost of the hotel, I insisted on paying for dinner both nights, and
she bought all of our drinks at the blues club.
We didn't have sex even though she offered to give me a blow job if I wanted it and I have to admit that I considered a little too long before
I declined the offer. A man's reasoning is, "hey,
a blow job is a blow job, no matter the age" but
I guess my cut off age is 65 or so, who knows? I
remember a girlfriend who had a bridge of false
teeth upper and lower in the perfect blow job location and she'd gum you right into a frenzy
before you could say 'oooh baby'! So, it stands
to reason that some of the older gals out there
with false teeth are still putting down a damn
fine blow job for any interested parties, probably the old men around town wearing all those smiles.
Sandra and I parted ways that Sunday afternoon after having spent a real nice weekend together
though admittedly disappointed by the 'no sex' weekend I have to be honest when I say that I still enjoyed the conversations we had.
Now, this week I'm once again meeting a member of
this site and I've already decided that no matter
what her age is, as long as it's legal age, or if
she looks like her photo or not, if she's got false teeth, I'm getting me a blow job!!/

electricbob3 61M
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4/30/2006 8:23 pm

Amein ShyVixen, thanks for the comments and after hearing her explaination what was I suppose to do? Dump her at the airport? No,
she's someone's mother, was someone's best friend, wife, lover, and
whole world at one time. I thought, well, at least we could have some
fun out of the whole thing and you're right, most people wouldn't of
faced up to their lie, not if they had such an easy out. So you have to give her that one, I certainly did and don't regret the meet
at all.

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