Fellow Bloggers, You Are Great!!!  

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12/27/2005 9:59 pm

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Fellow Bloggers, You Are Great!!!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my fellow bloggers for stopping by, reading my scribbles, and directing others to do the same. That's incredible, and shows me once again that this world is full of caring, selfless, compassionate people from all walks of life. It overwhelmed me to see some of you on my blog, almost as if an unforeseen hand was at work and I want to thank everyone who took the time to honor all those who didn't make it to xmas this year. We all had someone special in mind as our moment of silence commenced but all those who passed felt the energy, pain, and love that we carry in our hearts. Thanks again, you're quite a bunch.
Fly and I have been doing a blog vs. blog together involving the Private Investigator, Mr. Shit, and the Dame. This weekend we'll actually be doing it "together" on my blog and hopefully transfer it to hers as well. When I say together, I mean, sitting here typing each of our characters lines and thoughts as if we were carrying on a conversation and involved in the event unfolding. It should be a real fun, and a bit of a challenging episode and one that we've yet to see done on here. It will be like, live radio or t.v., with no censor!!! Hmmmmmm,???
Because so many folks will be partying New Years Eve, we'll try to go online by 6pm cst. Hope you all can check it out.
Before I forget, or get too loaded to remember, you folks need to be smart this New Years Eve if you plan to party. Find a designated driver to party with ya so there's a sober driver. Look out for you and yours while you're out on the town and don't drink or drug and drive. Call a cab, in most cities they're free on New Years Eve
and you can worry about picking your car up the next day once you've sobered up.
If you're at a friendsand you know you'll be drinking, spend the nite, even if it's on the floor. Beats a DUI, or killing or injurying yourself or someone else.
Lets look at what a 12 pack of beer costs now if you drink & drive:

12pk. Budlight..........................$ 12.99
DUI Bond ( cash only )................$1,000.00
Car out of impound/tow bill...........$ 500.00
Attorney's Fee ( 1st offense )........$3,000.00
Court Costs/Fines.....................$1,350.00
Missed Work ( court, mandatory jail ).$2,500.00
Jail Reimbursement Fee ( 10 days )....$ 360.00
SR-22 Insurance for 2 years...........$4,600.00
Court Ordered Treatment Program.......$5,200.00
Satop/Temporary Drivers License.......$ 850.00
TOTAL: $19,372.99

WHOA!!!!!That's one hell of a 12 pack and I don't
care who ya are!!! Not to mention the shame, stigma, family and friends who are affected. The emotional costs can't be figured since we're all different, but it's nothing to ignore.
So, be smart, be safe, and lets fuckin' party til the cows come home. What do ya mean you ain't got any cows? Ok, then party til the fat lady sings!! What? The party you're attending is
hosted by models so there won't be any fat lady
there to sing? Can I go to that party too? Well,
just party til the sun comes up, and have a Happy New Year!!!!

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