Some Personal Thoughts About My Sexual Beliefs  

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10/19/2005 5:48 am

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Some Personal Thoughts About My Sexual Beliefs

I have always ben intersted in psychology and biology. I love almost all living things to atleast some extent.

But early on in life, I realized I was interested in human behavior. More specifically, women's behavior. I started to find the female psyche to be absolutely fascinating when I started talking to them at school.

And then with the onset of puberty of course, I found their bodies to be beautiful and wanted to know more about their biology. But book and magazine knowledge wasn't enough to satisfy me. I wanted to find out more about their sexuality. Well, a friend of mine finally found some porno movies of his parents(or dad's). This was back in 1984 or 85 when we watched them. Pornos were generally allot better back then. They were actually filmed in cinema like regular movies with allot better acting and scripts; and actual locations. They were real movies--not crappy videos like today.

Well this one actress was just absolutely great. Whether she was all acting or actually enjoying herself and actually orgasming I'm not sure? But her body responses, her facial expressions, her rapid breathing, and her moaning and groaning, other verbal sounds, and her talking during sex I found absolutely mesmerizing; and totally the most beautiful thing I had ever watched. From that point, I was hooked; I wanted to do get a girl to do that soooo bad for me. I thought it would the most beautiful experience in the world to make love to a woman!

So from that point on, I read everything I could get ahold of on women's sexuality; and human sexuality in general. All kinds of how-to manuals like the "Joy Of Sex" and Shere Hite's books on female sexuality.

So when I finally made love to my first girlfriend, the first thing I did after the kissing and the foreplay, was performing cunnilinguus on her and rubbing her g-spot with my fingers inside her. Well she was surprized as hell, and a bit self-conscious of course, but being also an unique individual like me, she relaxed and actually let herself go along with it. Well, I got what I wanted--her to have a hard an wonderful orgasm. Needless to say, I've been hooked ever since. Its the most intoxicating and wonderful drug in the world to me!

So the next couple of posts are writings about female multiple orgasms and female ejaculation I posted on another board. They are based on both my great experiences and female biology and sexuality research.

So I hope any woman that read these--as well as men--to be educational or enlightening. And I hope that every woman--and men that enjoy making love to women--take these writings to heart. They are based on personal experience and fact!


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