Naked in Naples  

elbman 41M  
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5/7/2006 5:52 pm

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5/21/2006 5:03 am

Naked in Naples

So I've landed once again in Southwest Florida for the week....yes I actually do have to work some while I am here. I just finished reading my list from the weekend...I haven't commented...but they have been people can write allot in three days.

I've decided to move in a different direction with this blog thingy....although my half-assed comments will be the same...the blog is going to become something a little more of my thoughts and be warned a soapbox is being permanently installed....

rm_AmishAmy 100F
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5/8/2006 5:43 am

i hope you're first subject matter on the pulpit isn't people with 33 inch inseams....heh

elbman replies on 5/8/2006 11:41 am:
lol....the soapbox has many uses...

caressmewell 53F

5/8/2006 11:19 am

Hmmmmm....does this mean you will be posting less?

elbman replies on 5/8/2006 11:42 am:
No but it does mean I will probabably run a few off saying things they don't want to hear.

southrnpeach333 50F

5/8/2006 11:20 am

you just want to stand on a soap box so you will be eye level with our nipples.

elbman replies on 5/8/2006 11:43 am:
Naploean may get wind of my idea and try and steal it.

womanoirish 53F

5/20/2006 5:44 pm

But as long as you're naked on that soapbox, that's okay.

elbman replies on 5/21/2006 5:03 am:
Long time no read.....I can do naked on the soapbox.....

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