If I were to throw a stick would you leave?  

eilujsion 40F
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2/22/2006 9:23 am

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12/20/2006 2:12 am

If I were to throw a stick would you leave?

So, I have to bitch!
I don't go dancing to pick up others.
I don't go dancing so I can have someone tell me how I should dance.
I go dancing because I like to dance! And my stereo doesn't boom boom quite like a club system does!
Now, I can fucking dance. This is the truth. Why? Because I can dance. Not because I think I can dance, or because I have rhythm. No, I can dance because I can. Now, I don't shake my ass to impress anyone or to prove anything. I dance because I enjoy dancing. Arms flaying, hips thrusting, ass whirling, legs orbiting me around the dance floor. This is why I dance.
So why is it there is always a jackass who slinks up to me and says "yea, baby, shake it"?
Now my thinking is if you like the way I move your going to sit back and enjoy the show. Alas, if you just can't stand it and have to tell me to 'shake it', then my guess is you don't like the way I move. Not that I give a flying rats ass what these pricks think. But if you are going to tell me to how to dance for your enjoyment then I want to see you Mr. Solid Gold cuttin' a rug also. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is!
Now, when I asked Mr. Solid Gold Dancer 'show me what you got', the answer was 'I can't dance'. (Heres a little foot note for all who CAN'T dance; if you can walk you can dance)
But, I really could care less. JUST DON'T FUCKING interrupt my decadent gyrations and spinning orgasmic euphoria because you can't even rub the two brain cells you do have together to realize I was not put on this earth to 'shake it' for you. (Whatever 'it' might be)!
Also, I must not have been on Earth the day the memo was handed out stating it is ok for lesbians to cop a feel because they don't have dicks!
I don't fucking put up w/ that shit from males why would I put up w/ it from females?
My tits are mine and are not to be touched unless the following apply:
1)You pay,in full, cash, to me,for very large undisclosed amount, before any and all groping commences.
2)Written documentation stating permission, signed by me, my lawyer and notarized by my tits, in triplicate.
So the point of my rant this morning is if you are going to hit on someone hit on them. Don't fuck around, don't fucking harass me, and don't fucking tamper w/ the goods!

Transblucency 44M

2/22/2006 8:53 pm

Spectacular rant!

Unfortunately, after 8 years or so of going out clubbing every weekend, the only dance I really mastered was a move I call "the Surprised Then Slightly Paranoid T-Rex".

Oh yeah, I got the moves. Despite that, no lesbian has ever grabbed my breasts. I think it might be because my chest is unable to notarize anything.

ShiesFlukyJulep 58M
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2/22/2006 10:57 pm

Some people's children!

I enjoy watching, and enjoy dancing and being watched. I don't know if I dance any betere than Transblucency, but I enjoy myself.

Eilujsion, I agree with you, no one should be grabbing you - unless of cours you want them to

Care do dance with me some night? If you want to drop me a line and we'll meet and dance the night away. If not, no problems here, I'll still read your blog

eilujsion 40F

2/22/2006 11:04 pm

oh yes but the 'Surprised Then Slightly Paranoid T-Rex' is one of my most favorite moves.
and really anyone can do it. well I should say if I can do anyone can do it.
But my tits took the time and effort to become a Notary.
Never thought that could be the reason for the attention though, huh, milk for thought!

MrNuttz05 49M

2/24/2006 1:04 pm

'Milk for thought'? Good one! Well, here is my theory; You strike me as a person that will stand out, & in the club scene, where there are an abundance of a-holes, you are going to be approached for sure... Just have those notarized papers ready... They will sign them!
By the way, it's a new dance that's sweeping the nation entitled the 'Deep Throat'... Are you familiar with this one?

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