My first time with a couple - part 2 ( my second time )  

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8/7/2006 9:04 pm
My first time with a couple - part 2 ( my second time )

So ... a couple weeks later, I was mowing the lawn and I just had an urge to call the couple I just had an urge to call my new couple friend.
They were happy to hear from me and we made plans to meet for drinks again. After about an hour at the bar we decided to come back to my place.
We settled in in my bedroom, popped a porn into the DVD player and split the Viagra.
Again, hubby was the first to make a move when he just stood up and shed his clothes. I followed suit and soon the two of us were fondeling wifey and peeling off her clothes.
They brought there little bag of toys with them, which included restraints and nipple ties.
As I fumbled around with these toys, she layed down and took my cock into her mouth. I have to interject here - she gives awesome head.
My room isn't set up for the use of restraints, so I put them back .. but the nipple ties fascinated me. It was a little chain with a loop at each end that tightened when you pulled it. I tried to put them on wifeys nipples. At first I was just being too gentle, afraid to hurt her. After they fell off twice I decided gentle was not the way to go. I grabbed one of her nipples, twisted and squeezed --- hard. She responded by shoving fer face into my crotch as hard as she could, swallowing my cock all the way into her throat and gagging. I put the loop around her nipple and pulled. Muffled moans escaped from her mouth in between gags. I grabbed her other nipple.
Hubby must have gotten excited. He had the big jelly dildo / vibrator and started fucking wifeys pussy with it hard. She started shaking as I twisted and squeezed her other nipple. I put the other loop around her nipple and pulled. By this time she had had at least three orgasms.
Hubby and I switched. Wifey started sucking his cock while I worked wifeys pussy with my fingers. hubby grabbed wifeys head and pulled her all the way onto his cock. Wifey gagged. And gagged again. And again. Her eyes started to roll up into her head and still hubby held his cock deep in her throat. She gagged again ... this time weaker. Hubby released wifey and she collapsed onto the floor barely conscious. Suddenly she took a huge breath and twitched violenty as a huge orgasm ripped through her. Hubby stroked her hair said "you liked that didn't you?" She shook her head yes and crawled back onto the bead.
Hubby handed me a condom from the bag of tricks and asked me to fuck his wife while he watched. I wasn't as nervous this time.
I put the condom on and rolled wifey onto her back.
As I slid my cock into her pussy she started to moan. I pushed her knees up to her chest and started fucking her faster and harder. She opened her mouth and started to scream something, but she never got the chance. Hubby slammed his cock down her throat as soon as her mouth opened. Wifey immidiately had an orgasm. I could feel her squirt. It flowed around my cock and shot onto my balls and legs. I grabbed her tits and squeezed really hard, pinching her nipples between my fingers while I squeezed. She shoved her chest foward, pushing against my hands with her tits.
She was gagging on hubbies cock again and I pulled my cock all the way out of her pussy and shoved it back in everytime her muscles contracted with a gag. Her muffled screams and moans encouraged me to fuck her even harder. After about half an hour I had no more energy. I leaned back and asked hubby to take over.
Again he turned her around, this time making her stand in front of the bed while he fucked her doggy style and forced her to lean all the way over to suck my cock as I lay on the bed.
I wrapped her hair around my fist again and pulled her face into my crotch. She moaned and I thrust my cock forward. It slammed into the back of her thoat and she gagged. I pushed even harder, pulling her head onto my cock as hard as I could, and forced my way into her throat. She gagged again and tried to pull back. I held her by her hair, not letting her take my cock out of her throat. She tried to push my hips and I grabbed one of her arms and pulled it behind her back. hubby grabbed the other arm and did the same. She gagged again and had an orgasm. Still we held her arms behind her back and her head in my crotch as hubby fucked her hard. Again she gagged and again she had an orgasm. I finally let her pull her head back. She took one breath and then slammed her face back into my crotch moaning loudly.
She started working my cock with her mouth furiously and soon I was cumming all over her face and in her mouth again. Still she worked my cock with her mouth. My cock was so sensative after coming it was almost unbearable. I felt every muscle in my body tense and I straightened my body stiff as a board. As my own moaning grew loader hubby finally came and wifey released my cock from her mouth.
We all collapsed in a heap and lay there for a few moments.
Afterward hubby and wifey got dressed. we said our goodbyes and I walked them to the door.
I went back upstairs, changed the bed linen and collapsed. It was the best sleep I have had in recent years.
thanks for reading

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