Oh my goodness.  

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10/30/2005 8:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Oh my goodness.

So on friday I went to a gathering of people who wanted to get it on. Boys, girls, straight, gay, lesbian couples. Just a few people not alot. When i got there I noticed most were walking around half naked. So I said to myself "Why not?". I took off my dress and pranced around half naked. Just my lingerie. It was liberating actually.
I found a perch to sit on and decided I'd wait and watch to see what happened. There were a couple of cute guys there but for the most part they were all average. But I had been told that one guy in particular was the one everyone wanted. Supposidly he was hung like nothing Id ever seen before. So I sat talking to passers by every so often throwing him my best come and get me look.
Slowly he started to get the hint and although it did take a while he was over talking to me. He wasn't the tack but it wasn't his brains I was after.
a couple of guys I'd met before would walk past give me a kiss and a quick feel. He was starting to get jealous so he started making his move.
his touch was fantasic, i was getting that electric feeling. He lifted up my bra and started kissing my tits. Licking. Nibbling. Rubbing.
He told me he wanted to do it right there. My perched up him taking me. Since there were people doing all over the place at this stage i figured why not.
He removed my thong and started sucking me. With a lift of my hips his tongue was deep inside me getting me nice and wet. as he came up i noticed his pants were around his ankles. Christ it was huge. This guy would not have a problem taking me at all.
He took hold of my ass and lifted me up. My legs wrapped around his hips. He kept lowing me down onto his rod. Deeper and deeper. Before long my ass cheeks were resting partially on the cabnit with the rest on me wrapped around his hips and cock.
As I moved up and down he drove deeper and deeper. All the while he was kissing my mouth and tits. It felt so amazing i could feel myself wanting to explode. He was driving me deeper and deeper as my body gave into him.
He slid me further off the counter deeper onto his rod. I didn't think he could give me more.
But he did. Now it was so far in me I thought I'd break apart.
at this stage we had gathered a small group of masterbators. Jacking themselves off to the rythem of his hips. One of them came over and gave me his cock to hold.
They got me down to the ground. His cock did not leave me once. I was on my back, knees up in the air, with him deep inside me. The masterbators were now gathered around like vultures. Waiting for the time jump in on the kill.
I found myself jacking one of them off and sucking on another.
And then it happened. Explosion. Deep inside me he came like Niagra falls. I tried to sream but I was deep throting the other guy. As the guy inside me started to take his weeping cock from me the guy in my mouth could not take anymore. What seemed like an endless flow of cum shot down my throat.
As I lay there dripping guzzling the guy i'd been jacking off wanted his turn.
he mounted up and went to town.
It was a party.....right?

othercouples4fun 47M/37F
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10/31/2005 12:27 am

Wow... and where do i find these parties...

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