A really nice evening  

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11/20/2005 8:17 pm

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A really nice evening

I went over to my friends place and met a really nice couple. They were loving and funny. He was alot older than her, but I've always been attrached to older men. We laughed and had a few drinks. My friend was tired and went to bed. the three of us just sat around talking for ages. they were a funny couple.
After a while they were touching each other alot. Fondling. It was nice to see.
"You know he likes you and really wants to fuck you." she was grinning. He had gotten up and gone to the toilet.I didn't know what to say. When he came back she got up and went to the bathroom.
"You know she's very curious. I think she wants to fuck you." I could only laugh. When she came back we shared the conversation. She laughed "it's an idea..."
Now I had never been one to get involved with a couple, men yes, but an occassion like this very rarley presents itself.
I got up to make a coffee and to use the bathroom by the time I got back, she was all over him. Straddling him. He was slipping his thumb in her ass. They were giggling. She undid his pants, his cock was there in all its glory.
"Why don't you come over here and help me get my dick in her ass?"
So I undid her mini, took it off, no underwear. I took hold of him and placed it on her rim. Slowly she slid down his shaft. His thumb was now deep in her pussy. I took off her shirt and bra.
I sat back and watched as she slid up and down. Her hips moving to take in every inch. "there's a camera in her bag, take it out and get evry angle." so I did. Throught the lense I could see her juices dripping. Her mouth open begging for more. His cock rotating between ass and pussy. It was amazing.
As I took the pictures I was removing my own clothes. Beween pictures I would lick his balls, her ass, her tits. He scooted futher down the seat so I could see his ass. I got down below them and fingered it, tongued it.
Still straddling him I mounted up behind her. My thumb buried deep in her ass. She shifted up his body, bent over to take me in. And I slid down on his shaft. She and I were moving in unison. Him giving me every inch and her pushing against me, taking me deeper.
She slid off me and turned around ass in his face. His tongue playing with her, teasing her. She was in a world of her own. Leaning against me for support, his cock plunging deeper in me I was using her for support. She reached down and started jacking me off.
The two of us knowing that any moment we would cum.
As she stroked me I knew I could not hold it much longer. It was then that I felt him exploding in me. Warm. I could not hold on anymore. I shot my load all over her thighs and belly. She grabbed me tight, weeping, pushing her juices on her husbands face.
We lay on the floor for hours. Playing, touching, fondling talking. The next morning we showered together. Ate breakfast together.
It was nice.

rm_boogie8929 45M
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11/20/2005 9:47 pm

You have some very nice encounters. How can I get in?

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