Read the post below if you hav'nt already!  

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Read the post below if you hav'nt already!

He stood there for a second with a lustful look in his sexy blue eyes. She and I looked at each other with a shared idea! We stood up , rubing ourselves and walked over to him, we then shared an amazing triplet kiss with the tastes of our sweet juices in all of our mouths. I then kneeled down and wrapped my soft lips around the base of his dick, and circled his head with my tongue and swallowed as much pre-come as he could put off, and sucked untill he was fully erect. All this time she was kissing him and sticking her tits in his mouth. We then pulled him towards the blanket sprawled on the floor, layed him down and started to lick every inch of his cock! We took turns 69'ing, then she sat on his face while I mounted his bulging dick! With both of us getting pleasure from him we started kissing each other and then we both screamed in ecstacy!
We then had him sit in the edge of the bed and licked his dick until he came, as he did we both leaned in to share his cum licking and swallowing, rubbing it all over each others tits and lips. And then we both came again while agressively licking his cum off of each other and then kissing with the last of it!

The end............
Man I'm horny again just thinking about it!
thanx for listening to my dream and most recent fantasy! if you have any comments please feel free!
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