ebonynudistgirl 40M/40F
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6/9/2005 4:11 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Why am I so sexually wild. Why do I love to do all kind of wild sex things. Why do I love to drive around naked in my car. Why do I love to be naked at parties why everyone else is dressed. Why am I so oral. Why am I so bi. Why do I love guys and girls and couples and groups. Why do I find two guys having sex so exciting. Why do I find 2 girls having sex so exciting. Why do I find all sex so exciting. Why do I love nude beaches and nudist camps. Why do I go to orgies. Why do I want to meet you. Why do I need to meet you. Why...Why...Why.

rm_bigjez67 49M
8 posts
6/10/2005 8:54 am

to fullfill youre sexxxual appetite i know because ive got the same appetite

LoveProphet 47M
2 posts
7/5/2005 10:34 am

Why ask Why??? It is in your nature Sexy Lady. Be like Nike and "JUST DO IT"!!!!! I promise I won't say anything if you don't. >wink<

rdtruk38 64M
3 posts
7/10/2005 3:19 pm

Because you are sexually hungry and the more you have the more you want..want me !!!!

joe_blow03 33M
1 post
7/13/2005 8:32 pm

hey check me out i would like to hook up sometime maybe get me an email to reach you at besides this site or maybe a number

rm_marcie_tgirl 52T

7/22/2005 7:35 pm

my name is marcie im a transsexual m2f non/opp .<shemale> im also bisexual more of a translesbian i guess.im single looking for someone like you hun.

rm_062150 66M
1 post
8/23/2005 3:46 pm

Perhaps if you contact AdultFriendFinder encounter can happen!

rm_The_Ville 106M

8/30/2005 6:48 pm

Hey there Ebony! I don't have an answer to all your questions, but I definitely have the answer to what your feeling. I live in the old louisville area, you really should hit me up some time...and maybe let me get up inside you. Hope to hear from you!

looking4pus2005 48M
1 post
9/15/2005 8:56 am

Because it feels so damn good. Contact me and I will make you feel good. I'm up for anything you are. Looking forward to hearing from you. I'm getting rock hard just tinking about it.

rm_buckinhrd80 37M
6 posts
10/21/2005 8:05 pm

Why don't we make a chocolate-vanilla swirl...I'll provide the cream on top

visionquest1970 43M
2 posts
10/27/2005 6:48 pm

I feel the same as you, and I'd love to meet up with you and do whatever you desire.I'm available anytime, for you.

visionquest1970 43M
2 posts
10/27/2005 6:52 pm

damn you are so hot, anytime you need a sex slave, or anything else for that matter let me know. Please!!! I know I can make it worth the time. (post3146

tasteuressence2 50M
2 posts
11/4/2005 11:11 pm

im interested in meeting u myself and my girl 25 bi curious AdultFriendFinder

rm_analking7 34M
13 posts
11/14/2005 10:59 pm

would love to meet sometime. but afew hours away here

rm_darvee 56M

11/19/2005 1:07 pm

Anyone ever wonder if the titillation is in the asking why and going into detail ever-so-slightly to gain a response? The flirtation is what gets the juices flowing, so to speak, and anything beyond that is, simply stated, putting out the fire.

rm_VILLE448 46M
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11/20/2005 10:38 am

I'll give you the answers you're looking for.

rm_McStarlenson 52M

11/20/2005 9:41 pm

I think that one reason people ask themselves "why" like you have is because they somehow think their feelings are inappropriate or unconventional. On the contrary I think it perfectly natural to love sex of all kinds in all situations and as often as possible. As my girlfriend in Chicago used to say, "Some couples go bowling, and some go swinging." I'm glad that you know what makes you happy and you pursue your happiness, regardless of any criticism from uptight people.

rm_mike57511 59M
1 post
11/28/2005 8:06 pm

because sex makes us fill so good after, the rest of the day everything seems great.

sexonly69691979 37M
1 post
1/26/2006 10:14 am


i love to stuff black woman with the pink!

rm_RockstarTHT 30M

2/16/2006 7:37 am

Id love to help you figure out why. Lets get in touch!

youngblackdicnu 40M
4 posts
2/19/2006 3:35 pm

I would love to extinguish that fire, smack that ass, pull your hair and call you a couple of slutty names! (My favorite “slutty bitch!” I'm down for any of that fuck and suck shit, so why wait. Put me in the game coach

mrmsbigg 56M/56F  
6 posts
2/28/2006 9:56 am

hi--why don't you live out that sex drive with my husband and i at the gault house on mar. 11th. we have a suite and are looking to really get wild.

butchie89 45M
1 post
3/5/2006 11:20 am


kevschevy 41M
1 post
3/8/2006 2:24 pm

yeah i'm in that derby city and i'm ready to play.

rm_blueeyes9967 49M
1 post
3/13/2006 6:52 am

There is nothing more sexy than a women who knows herself.........I would love to meet you sometime.

tito0072006 39M
1 post
3/27/2006 11:38 am

because it is fucking exciting and wild

fisherman8916 47M

4/17/2006 2:24 pm

I am just like you and I am a mailman in the highlands and I can lick it and stick it u can reach me at bsmithu at yahoo com

rm_slappy3373 44M

4/26/2006 1:32 pm

hey baby u sound like my kind of women that i can get down with.i'm 33 with 8.5inch's that would love to get inside u.if this sound's good to u then hit me up at AdultFriendFinder i will let u see my pic's u will love them........peace

l0uisvillelust 30M
2 posts
6/4/2006 10:10 pm

Why do you need to meet me? the same reason i need to meet you. we all have needs. drop me an email sometime.

rm_UNCUT472 70M
1 post
7/5/2006 2:28 pm

I would love to hook up with you just for a little while you look so hot I would love to bury my face in that pertty box pls e-mail me at AdultFriendFinder

wildman196472 52M

7/14/2006 7:44 am

we are just ment to be........look foward to when we can fuck all night long.......

hotmamaforu58 58F
1 post
9/25/2006 2:34 pm

maybe your just human like the rest of us.......

IslandFlyer5 68M
1 post
10/5/2006 11:52 am

HAng in there Ebony, you are not alone.....

rm_sharkness2 36M

10/26/2006 8:59 am

Well here is the absolute truth. Because your like me. Why do I love to have sex with 1 or 2 men. Why do I love to have sex with 1 or 2 ladies. Why do I love to run around naked while everyone else is wearing clothes. Cause that shit makes me HORNY!! And horny is like adrenaline. Its the bomb its like snorting a line of coke with your dick. Hard to explain. Pussy is much better than a guys ass, but guys asses are pretty tight. I love it when a guy fucks me in the butt while im on my back and a woman is riding me while me and her suck anothers dick or 2. Its all the awesome horny bomb shit. Keep up the good work and get at me sometime and we'll all fuck you your man and whoever else wants to fuck me or you!!! Later

diesteppenwolf 45M
1 post
11/22/2006 2:00 am

I actually only post this because I, too, have stenciled t-shirts that friends made for me, circa ninety seventy six. One says Hall & Oates, and the other says Passive Impressive.
Either way, I'd love to cook dinner with you while both of us wear naught but those t-shirts. Only to keep our bellies from getting burned by saute pan spatter.
Then we can take off the shirts, eat what we cooked, naked, watch a movie..naked, then do other things, naked.
This is sooooooo stupid. I'm not even sure who will read this. I hope it's you, mad bisexual black diarist girl.
I hope.

rm_Deckhand22 32M
1 post
12/3/2006 12:44 am

if you ever get bored email me and ill be more than happy to eat your pussy for hours AdultFriendFinder

ruffsideplaya 38M

12/20/2006 9:34 am

email me so i can get to know u

ruffsideplaya 38M

12/22/2006 1:42 pm

I would love to take advantage of u sex drive

rm_GCHLID2 43M
1 post
1/28/2007 6:46 pm

hey whats up? we're a 33yrs/30yrs. old couple looking for a bi-female to have fun with.........we love to have good wild sex,like fucking in the shower,the kitchen,well really eveywhere u can think of..my baby loves to suck pussy in the doggystyle posittion,he loves to take the legs and hold them up high and suck the shit out of ur ass too!!!!!!

sirlickalot_66 50M
19 posts
6/25/2007 6:44 pm

I understand, I am jusatas sexually crazed. I love to be naked and I love to make a woman cum, I just love sex and would love to make you cum.

rm_iwillinlouky 61M
4 posts
11/6/2007 11:35 am

ebonynudistgirl......if you're still around.....contact me. Thanks.

rm_beck2008 42M

2/1/2008 5:19 pm

because u have a beautiful body and u r secure about urself and u love sex and u just want more and more. i just want u to add me to the mix i would love to be in ur sex drive i would like to experience i would love just to watch u in the nude cause i love voyuerism as well so just box me back when ever u get a chance i would love to hear from later, chris

rm_Don324a 49M
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3/26/2009 1:17 pm


superstan2008 45M

9/1/2009 12:43 pm

ive gota hot blonde nurse that luvs a big blk dck. as much as i do a big blk woo

Pacificman123 60M
4 posts
9/19/2011 7:31 pm

I don't know why, but I would love to attend a party you will be at.

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