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10/29/2005 11:42 am

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well, its about 11:20 a.m. and Iam working on my seventh beer...nothing quite like drinking in the morning, I am sure you would all agree.
Just thought I would stop by and see if any more of you fucking worthless swingers decided to stop by and read any of my posts; and would'nt you know... I swear you people are the kind of people who are into archie comics/very poor taste; no wonder your on a site like this. Speaking of poor taste, have any of you out there eaten a crusty-yeast infected pussy before? no? So I am the only one yet again?! First Iam the only guy who jerks off to the point of being raw and bloody,now Iam the only guy to eat a yeasty pussy....what's next? You people need to live a little---go dine&dash at IHOP,pick a fight with a tranny that's twice your size,wait till your girl is asleep and take a photo of a carrot in her ass(if no carrot is available try a bunch of radishes),just go out and explore your horizons! Get out of the house & stay away from the computer for at least an me, you just might start feeling human again(or probably for the first time as the case may be for some of you pimply-assed fat fucks). Excuse me for one second, I have to go change the bandage on my cock,I'll be right back...that's better; I have got to stop stroking 17 times a day, I'm surprised I have'nt started cumming blood already.
well kids, I am going to go for now-got some more drinking to do. I'll get back in an hour or so...until then...TA TA BITCHES, See You All Later-scott

P.S. I love how bisexual and bi-curious show up on the mood bar.... "What's wrong Danny? Why the long face? Are you feeling bi-curious?"....What kind of shit is that?...."Hey guess what, I had such a bisexual day, today! I was walking down the street feeling pretty 'straight' when all of the sudden a bird took a shit all over my brand new Armani suit, I'll tell you, I was feeling pretty damn bisexual after that!"

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