Saturday Mornings  

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4/15/2006 9:37 am

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Saturday Mornings

Another Saturday Morning

Woke to early, there's a ton things to it's tax day works kept me so busy I've got to scramble to do them. Damn still gotta go to work to. What a anal company I work for not much fun these days. Its just sucking the life out of me. If it wasn't for the money.

To bad my other brothers Darryl, Darryl, and Larry aren't around to help out. My names Darryl by the way.

Seems I've got a reply to one of my emails I sent. Well gotta see what thats about. Maybe the mornings looking up. Well see.

More to come.....

Looks like that email might be something well see.. moods really improved Wow 5:30pm got everything done and even cleaned some. Wonder what the night will bring.

Sure could use a little female company. Feeling really horny. Humm need to do something about that.

Love laughter and fun thats whats it about

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