Wow for new neighbors!  

easygoingguy1983 33M
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6/5/2006 3:45 pm
Wow for new neighbors!

So, I got in a couple of days ago- which is why the last one took place a few days ago: I came home and this hot little girl comes over and says, "Marcus moved out, and myself and my fiance moved in. Marcus asked if we would watch your place until you came back for him."
"Damn Marcus." I mumble. I had other plans with him. "Hey, thanks." We introduce eachother and I say bye. Then, as I am going into the apt. I remember the key. "Hey, Melody, do you have the spair key?" "Yeah."
"Can I get that back?"
"Not yet. I wanted to meet you first; Jimmy goes out of town a lot." and she gives me this great look.

Damn red-heads.

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