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11/4/2005 2:59 pm

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Sex Appeal

Everyone has their quirks. Hair, accessories, clothing, breasts, bulges in pants, eyes, speaking mannerisms etc etc.

I think my top three has got to be, confidence, clothing/accessories, and hair. Even a obese woman can pull off having this aura that me, and other males, find appealing. And with the right accessories, the confidence (and my shallow end, you gotta have nice hair) those girls with some curves look a whole lot better then the thin bland ones.

SO what is everyone else's top three things they look for in a companion?

Random Song Lyrics:

"The skin under my chin is explodin' again
I'm getting stress from some other children,
I'm holdin' it in
We takin' sides like a politician an if I get friction
We get to fightin', I defend my Dad
He's the best of all men
An whatever he's doin,
he's doin' the right thing
It's frightening, but it makes me mad
Why do all of these people seem to hate my dad
An if that ain't enough, now I got these spots
I go to sleep every night with my stomach in knots,
And what's more I can hear mama next door
Explore the radio for reports of war
An all we ever seem to do is hide the tears
Seems like daddy been gone for years
But he was right,now I'm geared up for the fight
An he would be proud of me
If my Daddy came home tonight."

- Mass destruction

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