prequel (part one) to a moonlight stroll  

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prequel (part one) to a moonlight stroll

Okay some of you may know I love to write erotic fiction. As usual this next story is a mix of fact and fiction. I would love to know what you think about this one so please leave your comments......Smiles and Sunshine

It was a short hike up the hill to the gazebo. She then eyed the field she needed to cross to get to the hill. The air was dense and clinging to her skin like a wool sweater. The sky darkened above her and thunder rolled in the not so distance. It seemed to be taunting her, daring her to try and beat it. She felt the chill that comes with her keen sense of premonition. Following her instincts and the thrill of a challenge, she started walking.

Her motivation was pure. She needed the solace of the pine trees and the breeze across the mountain. She needed the proper place to meditate and crank out the latest chapter of her life. To breathe in the forest and transform it into words and ideas that would illuminate her path. She needed to spill her imagination and experiences onto paper. To be the author of the next amazing tale of life and love...and sex.

The thunder rolled around her, hovering as if trying to intimidate her. It only fueled her desire. She allowed the soft raindrops that fell to caress her bare arms. Each drop made her quiver with excitement and a sense of connectivity. Her mind began to wander and flooded her with memories of another time she felt this way. She bagan to recall one dark night in particular and a very sexy young man.....

The moon was dark that night. She drove deeper into the forest, excited at what was to come. She glanced over at her passenger. His expression was a mix of nervousness and anticipation. He glanced over at her and placed his hand on her knee as if to reassure her. He was ready and more than willing.

He was seventeen and so pure. She was only nineteen but was eons ahead of him sexually. She knew what she wanted and how to get it. She knew the secrets of sex that takes some women decades to figure out. She knew how to seduce and how to bring out the animal in any man who was chosen to be her partner.

He was tall and athletic. His eyes and hair were dark and he possessed the kind of smile that could melt your heart without meaning to. He carried about him an innocence that was genuine and sweet. He smiled at her coyly. He was ready to let go of some of that innocence tonight.

The gravel road carried them up the mountain towards their destination. She had the windows down and could feel the crisp autmn air on her face. The breeze mixed with sexual tension caused her nipples to stiffen through her blouse. She was filled with desire and she began to feel herself becoming aroused. She had never been the teacher until now. She had always been the eager student. Now she couldnt wait for the first day of school.

She found the spot and parked the car. They were in a clearing in the forest near the summit of the mountain. She stepped out into the night just as the rain started to fall. It was a light misty rain and it felt good. She looked up into the starry sky and suddenly she felt him behind her. He leaned down and kissed the back of her neck as he slid his hands around her waist. His kisses mingled with the rain on her skin causing chills to run down her spine.

She turned to face him and their lips met. Her tongue probed his mouth gently at first but then became more urgent. They became lost in the kiss, his hands on her face now, neither wanting it to end. After what seemed like both an eternity and a fleeting second, she broke away from his tender lips and kissed his forehead.

Her eyes asked if he was ready and sensing this, he nodded. She slowly removed her blouse to expose he lacy bra overflowing with her breasts. His hands flew to them and she delicately but firmly moved them to his side. She stepped back and seductively wiggled out of her skirt. She was wearing matching white lace panties that seemed to fit her like it was her own skin, showing off the fullness of her hips and her delightfully sexy thighs. As she bent down to step out of her skirt, he got a view of her ample cleavage and he felt his cock pressing at his jeans.

Thrilled at this sight she stepped closer to him. She placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed him deeply and passionately. She teased the inside of his mouth and then playfully sucked on his tongue. When she was sure she had his full attention, she abruptly ended the kiss. He opened his eyes in surprise only to see her staring into them. She ran her hands lightly down his chest. When they reached the bottom of his shirt she pulled up on it to cue him to remove it, which he did. She gazed upon his defined young chest, hairless and so smooth. His arms were thick and muscular thanks to his landscaping job this summer. She ran her hands over his tanned skin stopping only once briefly to pinch his nipples.

She bent down to kiss his chest and ran her tongue down his toned stomach until she reached his waistband. Looking up at him now she undid his pants and slid them down and over each leg one at a time. Her fingers teased his thighs as she ran them upward. When she reached the huge bulge in his boxers he let out a gasp of excatsy. Leaning forward into him she pulled his underwear over his firm ass and down his legs.

She instantly grasped his cock and began to gently stroke and lick it. His cock was magnificently thick and long, about 9 inches. She slid it down her throat effortlessly and slowly pulled it back until her lips were sucking on his head. She then thrust it back into her throat without warning. She did this until she was rewarded with low blissful moans from him as he pushed himself deeper into her mouth. She tasted his precum in her mouth and knew it was time to move on.

She backed up against the car. She jumped up onto the hood, legs dangling over the drivers side and motioned for him to come over to her. He came towrds her naked and with his thick cock standing at full attention. She pulled her panties off and pulled her feet up onto the car, knees bent. He eagerly dove into her with his mouth, using his toungue to explore the unfamiliar territory. She was extremely wet by the time he slid his finger into her hot pussy. She began to feel an orgasm build up in her and she pushed up against his face. He had two fingers working her pussy while he was sucking on her clit. She rocked rythmically against his mouth and fingers as she came. He graciously lapped up her pussy juice as she let the spasms overcome her. Now she was ready to give him the ultimate treat he was waiting for.

He stood up and pressed his hard cock against her soaked pussy. She took it in her hand and eased it inside of her. He felt how wet and tight she was as he thrust into her. The rain started to fall harder against his bare back. The sound of thunder accompanied their groans of pleasure and the wind seemed to drive their bodies. Her ass started to slide around on the car and he grabbed her tightly and drove into her. She wrapped her legs around him as he thrust, pushing it in deeper and squeezing his cock with her pussy. The thunder grew louder as the storm approached. Their bodies were in sync with nature as the wind howled through the trees and the rain beat down on them. He leaned down and kissed her deeply as the first flash of lightning appeared and he exploded inside her. Her pussy was still grasping his cock, and she rode him until she felt herself climax, just as lightning flashed again. Exhausted they laid down on the hood of the car, covered in rain, sweat and sex. The storm washed over them as they looked into each other eyes in a state of euphoria. The look in his eyes told her that he would never ever forget his first time........

The flash of lightning brought her back to reality. She was only a few yards from the gazebo now. It was the perfect place to wait out the storm. The quiet structure among the trees would be her shelter and her inspiration. She smiled, realizing now she knew what to write when she got there.

To be continued

LogesBasteNares 49M
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9/11/2005 6:34 pm

Earth, can't wait to read more. I too love the power of a storm rolling in, always a turn on. A wide open meadow with the sun shining down warming your body, as if you need it, that heat that warmth can be great too. In the winter, in front of a fireplace the snow falling outside. Just a few thoughts.

LogesBasteNares 49M
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9/15/2005 6:40 pm

EG, still waiting for the next installment, looking forward to it. lol, Love2

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