Moonlight stroll part 1  

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Moonlight stroll part 1

She found herself alone at the campsite, everyone deciding to turn in early. The moon shone full as it reflected over the river that ran by the campground. The sound of crickets permeated the air and fireflies dotted the late evening sky. She decided she would go for a walk.

She strolled along the river breathing in the smell of fire and the sound of nightfall. The path she chose was not particularly well lit but she was not afraid. She strayed off the beaten path, sure of her ability to navigate her way back. She had spent many summers here as a child and knew the surrounding woods quite well. She followed her memory to a small swimming spot that ran off of the river.

It was a clear night and she could see most of the stars in the sky. She was im with an overwhelming feeling of smallness, yet still feeling like an infinite part of all that exists. She pondered this and her own reflection in the water. Peering closer she saw her face in the stars, and this soothed her.

She started to feel warm and thought it would be nice to take a moonlight dip. She looked around her quickly. The closest fire was about 50 yards away and obscured by trees. Feeling confident and just a little bit naughty, she stripped out of her clothes hurriedly and jumped into the pool nature provided for her.

She felt like a goddess while floating on her back, gazing upward. Her full breasts protruded atop the water, causing the cool air to stiffen her nipples. She enjoyed the sensation and began pinching them lightly, her hips undulating slowly under the waters surface. She ran her one hand over her neck, face while rolling her hard nipples between her fingers. She moved over to the slate ledge that encompasses the swimming hole. She jumped up onto the ledge where her clothes lay crumpled in a heap. Propping her head up with her sweatshirt, she lay down on the slate and continued pleasuring herself. She was so aroused and lost in herself she became oblivious to everything around her

He stood watching her. He too had gone for a moonlight stroll. He remembered a small swimming spot he frequented as a child. He had happy memories of catching frogs and swinging off a rope. Feeling lost in his life at this moment, he thought if he went back there, maybe he could gain some perspective. Or at least re-live some childhood memories that might cheep him up.

This is certainly not what he expected. This woman was so exciting to watch. Not just because she was a beautiful woman pleasuring herself in its most natural way. If nothing else it was for the way she completely made love to herself. Running her hands up and down her thighs, stopping to pinch her nipple and continue to stroke herself. She was completely lost in the moment and unaware that he was watching her. His cock began to press at his zipper as he watched her fingers massage her clit.

He couldn’t take any more. Pretty certain that she couldn’t see him, he pulled his engorged member from his pants, stroking slowly at first. He thought about what she would do if he just went up to her and shoved his cock in her face. Teasing the end of her nose with his head. Brushing it up against her wet pouty lips, which were slightly agape as she moaned. He would pull it back from her each time she reached for it, making her beg to lick it again. She would plead and rub her wet folds just dying for him to thrust himself down her throat. He would explode in frenzy, first in her mouth, then pulling it away from her to spray her large breasts, while she rubbed in on her nipples.

As he thought about this, she began to ascend the spiral of orgasmic bliss. The pressure built up inside of her with each throb of her swollen clit. She worked her pussy with the other finger, slowly teasing her g spot. She felt it build further until she felt the greatest release. Her pussy shot forth its hot cum juice as she twitched and let out a sultry moan. Exhausted, she drifted off to sleep…

Unable to contain himself he spurted as soon as he saw her cum. It was the most amazing orgasm he had ever seen. She must have cum for at least five minutes straight.
He zipped up, walked away, wondering if he would see her again around here this weekend…

To be continued

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I like the way you "think"..............

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