Timeless Beauty  

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5/10/2006 8:09 am

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Timeless Beauty

That's me. That's you. That's all of us.

What is the deal with the age thing on this site? My wife's profile has gathered a scad of hits, and every guy she's checked out has been at LEAST 8 years older than they say! Some of them have been perfectly nice and acceptable (and by her account, pretty hot! Too bad I'm 1800 miles away and unable to lend a helping hand.) But it puts a bad taste in her mouth to start out an intimate relationship by being lied to (She can be a pretty good sport about bad tastes in her mouth, but she prefers to work up to it...)

Is there an unwritten rule here about age discounts? When does it kick in? 30? 35? 39?

Interestingly, In the women I've been in touch with (ages 29 - 53), I find all of their ages quite believable. (and, in fact, I've found all of them quite beautiful no matter what changes time has wrought on them...) So, it begs the question, are the women here more honest than the men? Or is it just the ones who have the sensibility that would be interested in a guy who says he's 49 already recognize that beauty can be timeless, and don't need to grapple with some mythical ideal? (Admittedly, they were all surprised to find that I was, in fact, 49 and looked, in fact, ten years younger...)

Weigh in, people. Is there an age curve that people tacitly understand? If I want a level playing field with my esteemed competition, should I be saying I'm 41? 39? (I'll probably just stand pat, as I like what's shown up, but what's the conventional wisdom? Come clean, people!

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