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12/7/2005 8:33 am

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Well, I've mailed my ConfirmID form. If I knew how much trouble it was going to be to actually get it in the mail, I might not have even started. And since I am full of rage and anger and generally angry rage, I'm going make you sit and read all about it, you ungrateful bastard.

First, when I went to print the form out, I ran out of black ink. No problem, just replace the cartridge, right? No, wrong. First clean out all the ink that spilled out of the cartridge when I took it out. The inside of my printer looked like Jed Clampett's backyard.

After I *finally* get the cartridge replaced, I print off a page. Now I notice that half the form is not printed, so now I've got to play around with settings till I find something that works, printing page after page. So I finally get it the setting I *know* will work, and then the color ink ran out.

After replacing the color ink and printing the form out, I print out the envelope, upside down. So I have to do that again. Finally, I get the envelope printed out, and I walk to the corner store to buy a stamp.

It's like all of 15 degrees here, and I've got my gloves on because, frankly, I'm not an idiot. Well, actually I am, because when I was walking home, I carried the stamp in my gloved hands, because I'm too stupid to put it in a pocket or something. You know, gloves don't make things easy to carry.

So when I get back home with the second stamp, everything seemed to go uphill for awhile. I got a copy made at the library, filled the form out, and sealed the stamped envelope. And then I realized I put the original in the envelope by mistake. With my driver's license still attached.
Needless to say, I had to do most everything over again.

Actually, I made all that up. Except for the part about changing the settings to print the whole thing. I just wanted to announce that I mailed my ConfirmID form, and thought this would be more entertaining.

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