The Sunset  

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The Sunset

My friend Tia gave me the idea of this story…thnx Tia.

Place: Cancun’s Beach ‒ Mexico
Time: Last Summer

As Tia finishes her last exam at university, she imagines herself lying on the golden sands of the wonderful cancun’s beach. Together with her friend Maya, they planned to spend two weeks in Mexico sunbathing, diving, and partying.

It was the third day in their vacation and everything was more than perfect. The previous night was pretty wild; the beach party was much fun. Tia’s friend, Maya, met an Australian guy at the party and they seemed to get along well that they decided to spend the next day together. This wasn’t a problem for Tia, for she liked to spend sometime alone.

The beach wasn’t crowded but she can see few people enjoying the sun around her. But what caught her attention is a handsome well-built guy few meters from her, sunbathing alone. She applied the suntan oil on her arms and legs first, but she did that very slowly and a little bit seductively. “Why am I doing that?” Tia thought to herself. Tia was raised in a conservative family and never tried to flirt with strangers. But it seemed today being alone on the cancun’s beach had a special effect on her. She tried to finish applying the oil quickly, but her hand wouldn’t respond as she desires. She was still rubbing the lotion on her tummy and then very slowly on her chest. The guy next to her wore sunglasses, so she didn’t know if he was looking at her or not; anyway she was not overdoing it. So she lay on her back for half an hour or so, listening to her iPod and relaxing. Now that she is lying on her stomach, she needed someone to apply the oil on her back; usually it was her friend maya.

“Hi…” Tia said as she waved with her hand to the guy close to her

“Can you please help me with some oil on my back” She can feel her heart beating faster as she said that.

“Of course..” they guy replied

The guy moved towards her and now she can see how tall and well built he was. His hands where of course much bigger than Maya’s, so she wondered how the strong hands would feel on her back.

“Hi...Am Mark”

“Am Tia…am sorry to disturb you, usually am with my friend but today it seems I need some help” she answered with a smile

Tia gave Mark the oil bottle and lie on her stomach. Soon she can feel his strong hands applying the oil on her back, it felt sooo good and relaxing. For some reason he wasn’t in a rush, and she didn’t object to enjoy the nice feeling of his hands.

“So are you enjoying your time here at cancun’s beach, Tia”

“Very muchhhhhh” Her response was reflexive, maybe she was referring to the mini massage he was giving her.

His hands continued to slide along her back…..mmmm. It was strange for Tia, but she felt her pussy getting a little bit wet. She was aroused by the sexy guy very close to her body.

“Done…” Mark indicated…Tia a little bit disappointed

“But you still have your legs unprotected…” He added… now a smile appeared on Tia’s face

“Yeah right…”

When Mark held the oil bottle, he found it empty.

“Oops, the bottle is empty… ” Mark noted
“I’ll get one from my chalet, or tell you what I have a better idea…” Mark added
“I have a nice terrace in my chalet, where we can continue sunbathing and have a refreshing drink”

Tia hesitated for one moment, then she thought she could enjoy Mark’s company for the day.

The wooden chalet was really nice, with white sofas and white silky curtains. The terrace overlooked the sea and Tia realized there were no other chalets in the proximity. Soon Mark comes in holding two glasses of cold beer. They talked for a little while then they decided to continue sunbathing.

Now she can feel Mark’s hands on her body again. While his hands massaging her back, the string that holds the top of her swimsuit gets loose, but since she was lying on her stomach she didn’t tie it again. Her bare back was enjoying the sun, while Mark’s hands were oiling her legs now.

“mmmmm…” A very low moan escaped from her, but Mark didn’t notice.

As his hands massaged her lower thighs and then going up to her upper thighs, she was getting aroused. She can feel her pussy wet, and wished if she could touch herself.

“Please excuse me for a minute, Tia…” Mark went inside.
It was just the perfect moment. She slipped her hand inside her bottoms to be amazed by how wet she was. She couldn’t resist but touch her very wet pussy and massage her clit. For a minute she was driven away, and she was now lying on her back to get a better access to her pussy, her swimsuit top fell off since she forgot to tie it.

Mark came back surprised by what he saw. Tia’s legs open, and her boobs free while her hand was obviously rubbing her pussy. Till now Tia didn’t notice his presence and Mark didn’t wish to frighten her so he kept watching her from a safe distance. Nonetheless, his penis was raging hard and he lusted the sexy girl half naked on his terrace.

At one moment Tia came back to reality and was confused that any minute mark could come back. She composed herself, lying on her stomach exactly as Mark left her but with one difference; she was verrrrrrryyyy horny.

“Am back…” Mark announced with a grin on his face

“Mark I must tell you that you are great in applying oil” laughing as she said that

“You still haven’t seen anything yet, miss Tia”

“mmmmm…what do you mean mr. Mark”

With this she felt Mark’s hand sliding up her leg to brush against her pussy. Although this was very inappropriate according to Tia’s upbringing, she couldn’t but enjoy the sensation and not object.


“we still have some areas which we didn’t oil…please turn around” Mark said…Tia just nodded

Tia can feel the oil on her bare boobs and Mark’s hand’s caressing them tenderly….

“mmmmm….this feels soooo good”

Her nipples were very hard now and his fingers were fondling them and making them harder and more erect….His hands oiling her tummy and slowly getting down to reach her bottoms. At this point, Tia was very aroused and very wet and she raised her hips as a sign for Mark to slide off her swimsuit bottoms.

Now lying naked, Mark poured oil on her naked pussy and started to rub her slowly…


One hand caressing her left nipple and the other hand rubbing her pussy faster and faster…..her hips were moving up and down to add to the great sensation she was feeling…Mark’s finger sliding inside her pussy took Tia to another level and she was dripping wet….. another finger slid inside…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. plzzzzzzz…. Faster….his fingers sliding faster…..mmmmmm…. yessssss… are great mark….. for one moment she became conscious of what was happening but it was the point of no return….she was cummmmmmmmmmmminggg very intensely….ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. ohhh yesssssss…. Ooooohhhhh…..myyyyyyy myyy….yesss yesss yesss…….her orgasm was very intense…..ahhhh… her juices were flowing…..ammmmmmmm…. and she was moaning loadly……

When Tia came back to her chalet at sunset, she found Maya watching TV.
“Hey, how was your day Maya?”
“It was good, we had fun. And what about you?”
“Just a normal day at the beach, lying lazily under the sun of beautiful Mexico” she couldn’t but smile to herself…sooo innocent.

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6/10/2006 8:23 am

Excellent read. Enjoy. Blondie

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