Erotic Love Evening  

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Erotic Love Evening

Please close the door of your room, and maybe light a candle if you want. Wear your Pyjamas with no underwear beneath, so that you can slide your hand and touch your nipples or your soft pussy when you feel like doing so as you read further. With each sentence you read,you can close your eyes for a little while and imagine as if the story was happening to you.

Tuesday March 30, 1998
Hilton Hotel - Istanbul - Turkey
6.00 P.M

Joudi was enjoying the view of the Bosphorus from the balcony of her hotel room. The view was breathtaking as she feels the cool breeze blowing through her silky hair. For a moment she closes her eyes, with a cute smile on her face, she remembers the very happy moments she was
spending with the dearest person to her heart, Nabil. At that moment,she feels his hands wrapping her from the back and hugging her close
to his chest. His lips softly kissing her neck and then hershoulder...mmm. Joudi turns to him and hugs him very close to her, she can feel her eyes getting teary from the joy she was feeling. None of them spoke, but their eyes spoke and their hearts spoke. They wished they could have frozen that moment of time forever, they were very close to each other and they didn't want more than that. Like magnets their lips joined with light kisses first but slowly getting more
emotional and deeper...Joudi had the sweetest lips and Nabil couldn't resist not to kiss her passionately. For one moment, they didn't
realize that time was passing until they both saw the sun was setting in the deep blue sea. They looked into each others eyes and smiled.

Nabil whispered something into Joudi's ear, and she laughs. He adored when he saw her laughing. She was surprised when she heard her favorite song "Everything I Do" Bryan Adams playing from the speakers on the balcony. The lights of the balcony went off, as Nabil came from inside holding a tray full candles of different shapes and aromas. Now Joudi was really surprised, the candles lit the balcony so romantically and the soft music took her to another world... Nabil can
see tears filling her lovely hazel eyes, but he certainly knew she was happy. Whispering again into her ear, she was laughing again. Everything was perfect as they danced slowly overlooking an incredible view of the shining Bosphorus at night.

Joudi and Nabil danced with their bodies so close to each other. Her black sheer dress was showing her body very sexily; it was tight with
straps and till mid-thigh. As they danced they kissed softly. Joudi can feel as Nabil kisses her cheek then chin down to her neck and then
her bare shoulder...mmmm. She loved when he did that very gently. Nabil can feel Joudi sexily kissing his earlobe...mmm.. he can feel her warm breath in his ear...hmmm... and he can smell her very sexy perfume filling his nostrils.

It was getting hotter for both of them, they can feel the heat now. Nabil caressing Joudi's back as they swayed with the music. Joudi's hands were also roaming to feel his strong muscles. Their cloths were now in the way, but they always liked to remove their cloths very slowly. Joudi was pressing her boobs agaist his chest but with the dress between was very arousing for Nabil...hmmm... Her effect was so quick on him, she can feel his hardness pressing against her pussy as if asking to be free...The effect was mutual, her pussy was getting wet now and a nice feeling was rushing through her body....mmmmmm

Nabil knew Joudi very well… he slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and lowered her dress… he smiled when he saw Joudi braless…mmm… Joudi can feel his tongue and lips caressing her nipple…ahhh….the sensation was very erotic…Nabil very slowly and very erotically sucked one ipple and caressed the other with his fingers…mmm… Her eyes closed… her back arching backwards…. Her moans getting deeper…. Mmmm…. Her pussy very wet from the very erotic sensation…. Joudi took off his shirt… she wanted to feel his nipples touching hers….a deep passionate kiss with their bare chests pressing against each other…. Mmmmm…

Nabil kneeled in front of Joudi and pushed her dress slightly above her waist, he knew how much she liked this. With small kisses on her thighs, he brushes his chin against her soaked panties. He was really aroused to see her wet like this. Teasingly he stretches her panties off her pussy but does not touch her yet…mmmm… the cool breeze felt very fresh against her very wet pussy… her pussy smelled very arousing … his lips kissing very close to her clitoris… he can hear her moan…ahhh… his tongue now touches the tip of her clitoris….mmmmmmm…. Joudi moaned very erotically… she can feel his tongue exploring her dripping pussy…. It felt amazing… she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation….his tongue caressing her clitoris faster and faster…. She couldn’t but moan loadly…. Ahhhh…. His finger slightly brushing her pusyy…. Ohhhh…. With this sensation she was pinching her nipples to reach another level of pure pleasure…. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my…. She felt she was the center of the the world…mmmm…. Being licked…. Caressed … touched…. Mmmmm… his finger circling her pussy faster… his tongue giving her a very soft very erotic sensation…. Faster he licks her…. Mmmm … ahhhhhhhh…… her back arching backwards….she can feel her legs weak from this erotic sensation…. Ahhhhhhhh….ohhhhh……she was very close….. ohhhh my love….. and for one second he sucked her clitoris and licked her….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss…..yesss…yesss……. ahhhhhhhhhh…..yess… ohhh my……ahhhhhh yess yess yess …..soft…soft…ahhhhhhhhhh…. nabil was licking joudi as she came….and moaned…. Ahhhhhh…. Her juices flowing from her sexy pussyyy…. Ahhh yesssssssssssssssss….

Nabil stands up, his hand firmly grabbing her back… they look into each other…. Smiled…And kiss deeply ….passionately…..very erotically…mmmm

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