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1/18/2006 7:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Clone a Willy

I had a date this weekend and part of our date included picking up some 'provisions' for later on. I won't give you my whole shopping list but I will tell you about my experience with a product called 'Clone a Willy'.

Well my date had never been to an adult toy store and wanted to shop for dildo's. She really couldn't decide on which particular one having never personally (her that is, and I guess well myself too) owned a dildo. That's about the time she saw the homemade vibrating dildo kit called "Clone a Willy".

Now the premise around this product is very simple; stir mix, insert hard-on, remove hard-on, insert vibrator and dildo making solution. Wahla! You have an exact replica of your lovers wang (wang is a technical term). Sounds easy, I know, but like most men I refuse to read the instructions before actually doing.

Little did I know I'd be walking around the house naked looking like some type of perverted baker. I needed a wooden spoon, stirring pot, scissors, and duct tape (you have to cut the plastic tube for a mold and those plastic edges get a little sharp, so you need to put duct tape on the edges). Still sounds relatively easy I know.

A couple of technical things now, you need to get your hard-on into the plaster-type mix before it hardens and two, you need to keep a hard-on. Unfortunately in my first attempt I stirred the mix too long. For any of you who try this for Valentine's day fun or the likes, you need to pour the plaster mix into the mold before it begins to gel, so when it is in its watery state, otherwise this happens;

So, there I am, just having been orally aroused to full-erection, lesbian porno going on in the backround and trying to jam my hard-on into hardening plaster. Now I know none of you know me, but when I'm trying to accomplish something I can be quite persistent. So, I'm twisting and turning my hard-on into this stuff which has now become claylike. Luckily it was somewhat arousing until the arousal started to burn and scratch.

None-the-less after about two minutes of trying to get my hard-on (which was now not so hard), I gave up.

Well they say we learn from our mistakes, not me, I found a website and ordered 3 more mold mixes (they were only like $20 for three, the actual solution to make the dildo is $70 for three). So, 3 more chances to make a replica penis. Then again, besides VD, what's a better gift after a date than a replica of your dong.

sexyeyes375 47F

1/22/2006 12:18 am

Was this a first date that you decided to clone your willy for??? This was too fucking funny. I admire your tenacity. I am dying to know if you actually made one and if so, where's the pic??

dz2377 39M

1/22/2006 8:34 am

This was the first date I decided to clone my willy for. It was one of those random things you see and say 'hey, this looks like fun'. Well, when you give any man tools and a set of instructions it becomes more like a project and less of a fun thing. I haven't actually made one, I needed more casting mix (they call it buddy batter) and it has been ordered and is in the mail. I certainly would not be against taking pictures of my next attempt (just have to find a date that is willing to watch me play with myself and take pictures).

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