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6/27/2006 7:22 pm
Trucker's Show

This past weekend we traveled to the mountains to visit Erick’s parents. This afternoon we tried to time the trip back so that my newborn would nap. We also had our teenaged step-son along who was in the back row of the mini-van. About 30 mins into the trip both the kids were fast asleep and I though about taking a nap myself. I adjusting the lever on the side of my seat, I reclined back and closed my eyes. We'd been driving for another 30mins and I was becoming so sleepy. My eyes fluttered a little as I felt the back of Erick's fingers caress the side of my face. Relaxing, I enjoyed the softness of his touch as his fingers drifted down my neck to my shoulder. I felt a tingle as his fingers slid lower to stroke my cleavage. With his fingers brushing against the sides of my breasts, I slid my back closer to the door, twisting a little toward him to accommodate his searching fingers. Keeping my eyes closed, I felt the warmth of the sun on my naked breasts after he expertly unbuttoned my blouse one-handed. Taking a nipple between his thumb and finger, he gently pinched until it hardened before reaching to my other nipple eliciting the same response. He removed his hand momentarily, only to return wet fingers to my nipple. Caressing and pinching again until the wind blowing against my wet nipples caused them to become completely erect. I squirmed in my seat, arching my back and sticking my breasts up towards his skilled touch.

After a few moments of teasing my nipples, I felt Erick's fingers glide slowly down my bare abdomen, then down the front of my skirt and rest between my legs. His fingers crawled down my thigh to lift the hem of my skirt. I heard him chuckle as my skirt was lifted to my waist exposing my freashly shaved nakedness. I could feel the heat spread between my legs, not quite sure if it was from the sun or from within. He ran his fingers up and down through my swelling pussy lips, just barely grazing my clit with each stroke. I gently stirred and spread my legs slightly to entice him further. Almost instantly, his fingers slid further down gliding across my wet opening. Spreading my juices, he continued to gently stroke my wet opening before slowly inserting a finger inside of me. He slowly moved his finger in and out for a few moments before adding another. Soon, my legs were spread wide and I was thrusting my hips in rhythm to his fingers. Very softly moaning, each of my hands grabbing the sides of the seat I felt the initial waves of orgasm. He continued thrusting his fingers as I thrashed against him until I was biting my bottom lips hard and my juices were flowing down his hand.

Lazily, I leaned over and kissed Erick full on the mouth inserting my tongue between his lips. I made sure my step-son was asleep as I slid my hand down between his legs to feel his hard cock straining against the material of his pants. I continued to rub him for a few moments as I released his mouth from mine, and then leaned back in my seat. As I stretched my arms above my head, I glanced to my right and jumped when I noticed the driver of the truck next to us staring and grinning from ear to ear. "Oh my God!" I mumbled as I quickly pushed my skirt down and held my blouse shut. Erick laughed as he pulled my hands from my blouse and said, "He's been watching us since I unbuttoned your blouse. His truck has been swerving all over the road trying to watch. Go ahead, flash him."

Initially, I was angry that Erick didn't tell me we were being watched. But after thinking about it for a moment and feeling the wetness between my legs increase, with a seductive smile, I stared at the truck driver and waved. I kneeled on my seat to give him a better view as I cupped each of my breasts and squeezed them for him. He had the biggest smile on his face as I seen him talking on the microphone of his CB radio. Laughing, I sat back in my seat and looked over at Erick. He was smiling as he said, "You continue to surprise me. That's what I love most about you."

Touched by his words, I leaned over and caressed his hard cock. I rubbed over the material covering his cock for a few moments before I unzipped his pants. I glanced over my shoulder to see that the truck driver was still watching as I pulled Erick's huge cock free of its restraints. I winked at the truck driver then wrapped my lips around the head of Erick's cock. Erick moaned as he placed his hand on my head, running his fingers through my hair. I began sucking the head of Erick's cock, then slid my tongue down the length of him. When my tongue found his balls, I planted kisses on them and started sucking on them as my hand glided up and down his shaft. I trailed my mouth back up the length of him and enveloped my mouth around him. I took him deep in my throat as I sucked him and continued to stroke with my hand.

I used my other hand to gently squeeze his balls. Repositioning myself to a more comfortable position, I raised up on my knees with my ass in the air as I continued to fondle and suck his cock. I could feel the wind blowing my skirt around, exposing my bare ass that was aimed right at the truck driver. Erick began moaning as I felt his balls tighten. I sucked him faster and harder, taking him deeper into my throat with each thrust. He let out a howl as I felt his cum explode in the back of my throat. I continued to suck and swallow until he was empty, then began licking him clean making sure to lap up what was on his balls too. When I felt he was licked clean, I slid him back into his pants and zipped them closed.

Turning back to the truck driver, I noticed that trucks now surrounded us. Looking at each of their faces, I knew they had all seen what just transpired. I smiled to each of them while I licked my lips and wiped the cum from my chin with the back of my hand, then licked that too. I blew them each a kiss before I sat back in my seat laughing.

Erick grabbed my hand and kissed it. "I love being with you, Jen," he stated softly. As he held onto my hand, he sped up to pass the trucks and turned at the next exit off the interstate. We both laughed as we heard the truck drivers blowing their horns in unison as we traveled away from them.

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