Indulging in my thoughts.....  

dvinechocolate 44F
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9/12/2005 8:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Indulging in my thoughts.....

As I sit here and indulge in my thoughts my mind wonders to places unknown. Thinking of how I want u to touch,tease,caress my body as I indulge in my thoughts.Indulging in my thoughts of u how I want u to know my body inside and out.As I listen to the sound of my heart beat moving and gliding my body softly as I indulge in my thoughts.Making my body quiver as I moan for more,letting my mind run free and grasping hold to the pleasures unknown while indulging in my thoughts.As I feel your hands run through my hair and gently down my spine.Feeling the gentle touches of your tongue on my body making my body become motionless and ready for more.My mind, and body grasping into one as I indulge in my thoughts.My body wanting to exhale to pure extasy.As your tongue touches my breast sucking,licking,caressing as my nipples harden while I indulge in my thoughts. As your hands glide slowly up my thigh and gently touches my p***y, opening my lips, coming inside while I indulge in my thoughts. Thoughts of u and me makinglove to a gentle love song while I pull u closer so u are deep within while I indulge in my thoughts. As u move slowly but deeper inside so that I feel every inch of u deep within. I grab your a** and pull u closer into my body as u kiss me gently as u cum inside making love to my body as well as my mind while I was indulging in my thoughts.

rm_MissFusion 34F
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9/13/2005 1:42 am

Wow....that was beautiful!!!! Girl, you know that you have such a profound way with words. Read what you wrote, to the love of your life, and watch how they become putty in the palm of your hands. LoL

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