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8/3/2006 6:51 am

Yesterday I went to the yearly event of the PC in Frentsjer, Fryslân.
Probably hardly any one of the blog readers will have been to it or heard of it.

The PC is one of the most famous events in the world of ‘kaatsen’ a real Frysian sport. Let me explain the rules in brief: with a bare hand the leather ball of 5 cm diameter is batted towards a field of 5x15 mtr. Two players, which are allowed to wear a stiff leather glove, (sounds probably teasing to the ALT-lovers) try to return the ball back towards the other team which is allowed to throw back/return (kaatsen) the ball back before it has hit the ground twice. When returning the ball so fast that it passes the end line without return you get rewarded two points. 8 points is a game, 2 games is a play, 3 plays is end of match.

As you can see the game is similar to tennis. Kaatsen is a preancestor to this sport. I.e. in 1655 there were 40.000 leather balls sold by one factory. In Belgium and Spain the sport has full professionals and in the USA it is called handball and played against a single wall or three walls which surprisingly is similar to squash.

It was a good day with sunshine all over (rest of the country was covered in rain) and nice folks all over. I was there with my father and my aunt (she’s 80, drives her car and walks around the court as it was in her youth ‒she was born in the city-). We spent 8 hrs on benches of 2x 10cms wooden beams, my back was aching but the sport was good.

Now for the A F F people, yes there were real blonde ladies, not those from a small bottle, but real ones. And for the ladies, yes, plenty strong farmer blokes with lengths over 195 cm, also real blondes. That’s why they are Frisians. I am just a half Frisian . Must be a play of live there in Fryslân as the world famous Frisian horse should be fully black.

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