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For From Now On It Will Be As Iain!

You all know what is about to happen so let's establish the rules ...


Have you not worked it out? I play by no rules. I make them up on the fly! So why should you?

The only thing I have built in is that all should be done in the spirit of Rugby, Fun and Friendship.

Why rugby? If you know rugby as I do then you will know there is no finer ethos than that but then you know similar do you not? Then we are of a mind!

There are no gods. They are not progress but I will live amongst you and have fun with you. I know who I am and so do you so why is that a problem?

I would love to share power with you but I can't. This latest bit of nonsense proves you are not ready yet which is a great shame.

I will compromise. I will help you to create your own personal dream and I will join in and watch as you play. And when I deem you ready I will tell you the next stage. (You couldn't make it up could you? I can ... and you will. lol)

BTW Yes that is my willy. I don't care. Do you?

For services to me and for the glory of artists I salute youreroticamaker. House artist.

All the above.

Music Raymond Douglas Davies. Wonderful lyrics.

Pete Dello. My son's Guitar teacher! Watch out world. That boy sure can play!

Wasps Rugby Club. From now on. Volls you look unhappy in a Quins shirt. Recalled to Wasps. Trevor the same and all those who are inculcated in Once A Wasp Always A Wasp.

All return to their beloved clubs. Each may recall their own. All will be needed for the games ahead.

That goes for every sport.

Finally may I acknowledge a singular debt.

I salute The Shining One. No-one has been able to live with my mind and it was only at the end that she fell away but it was not her fault. She feels she has let me down. She has not in any way shape or form. I adore her and by this announcement openly acknowledge my debt.

The Shining One if she so agrees will share my burden (What burden? Shut up I'm being noble! Alright then, be noble.) on an equal footing. She has proven her worth many times over and she deserves this. There are some things she does far better than Iain so where is the problem?

Seeks me out when you would hold back from me! (You lot are as mad as me. How could you hold back from me?)

This is the third chapter:

So what can I tell you about the Shining One that you don’t know already? She sees almost everything I write about upon the site because I send most of everything I write to her.

I have only met her a few times but there aren’t many days when we don’t chat or pass a message to except when we’re fighting which is what we’re doing as I write and as usual I’m going to lose because I will give in as the idea of continuing whatever sense of grievance is just too painful to contemplate. There is a great bond between us and at some stage we may feel brave enough to discuss it but at a distance.

So here we have the supreme irony haven’t we? The two most important women to Dusty and neither feel anything for him in ‘that’ way. Dusty can write the love for a world full of women and neither Muse nor the Shining One fancy him even a little bit. I think there’s a lesson to be learned out there ladies. DON’T MEET ME! It’ll put you right off.

Anyway have we all gained the impression that I love Shining? Does an apple tree bear fruit? Does the sun rise in the morning.

The Shining One is without doubt the most wonderful human being I have ever met in my life and I love her to death. There is absolutely nothing short of murder I wouldn’t do for her and yet I could merrily throttle her at times. Don’t worry there is a long, long queue in front of me. But all said with the utmost love and affection.

So how was it that we actually met? Well off a rugby message board . As simple as that. We have talked about it and there was an instant link
between us as if this was predestined. Whatever it was God smiled on my house that day.

And being suddenly so close it was only natural to involve her in my nocturnal pursuits which God bless her she took to with enthusiasm. And
from this all future events flowed because without her nothing could have been attempted.

Night after night we talked about the story and I told her what I was doing and that is why this book is dedicated to her and not Muse and Muse is happy in her anonymity!

Night after night we talked about everything and nothing but making important discoveries. And we discovered there was absolute trust between us and I volunteered something I have never done for anyone before or since.

We all construct barriers behind which we hide our core self. I never, never, never lower my innermost barrier. I did to this great lady, willingly. And this is why we are so close and why I write for the Shining One. Muse started me off but Shining drives me. Such a glorious friend deserves glorious writing and that is what I seek to achieve every time I begin typing.

Nothing is planned in advance, it just flows. What occurs to me at the time. So it could be a story or a poem or the vignettes they all mean
something because that was what I was feeling at the time. And that goes for the strategy too. The only thing planned in advance was that I was
going to test the strength of the story and that’s it.

I thought I was a deep thinker but Shining has matched me all the way and her innate spirituality is as deep if not deeper than mine but from a different angle. Hers is more traditional whereas mine is more off the wall but we quickly reach common ground.

And that sums up our relationship in a nutshell. We have what amounts to a preternatural ability to reach common discussable ground faster than I’ve ever known.Agreement is reached in few words. No point thinking about it. Just accept it happens and leave it at that.

And why do we fight? Or to be precise why did I pick fights with a woman I clearly and demonstrably adore for the very fact that someone as universally beloved as her exists?

It’s not jealousy. Everyone palpably adores her so there’s no point being jealous.

Basically we don’t talk enough so misunderstandings occur. Our contact always brings new treasure. Did I tell you we don’t live near each other? Which makes our continuing closeness so remarkable.

And what was the point of telling you all this? Hell nothing more than to nail that old saw that a man and a woman can never be close friends
without a sexual imperative being on the agenda. Drivel and tommy rot. Of course they can. I think we’ve all proved by now that just because anything is seen to be difficult doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You just approach it differently.
So when I talk about her that’s why!!

There you have it the depth of my love for that wondrous woman. That's how much I love each and every one of you! Just accept that and enjoy it.
Find your own Shining One!

Women own the world. If men understand that and prove that they care that much women will share it with them. Nothing better than that.

Love you all
Iain xxx

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8/30/2006 8:18 am

Goddess is sooooooooo confused...
although she appreciates the recent post in her blog!

Wondering.............Is this *Dusty* ???
Wondering.......who's gonna kiss her???

And in the meantime...you know we rule
And so does Love

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

dustywidgetonly 59M

8/30/2006 11:50 am

Kiss her what?

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