Taking a Chance - Part II -- The Intimacy  

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8/21/2005 11:33 am

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Taking a Chance - Part II -- The Intimacy

He had a long drive to meet her that day; he had already reserved a hotel room and told her he would call her when he checked in. She had been visiting her father in the hospital and told him she needed to go because she had a date. Her father wished her well and she was on her way. She didn’t want to be late like she was on their first meeting so she left in plenty of time. She stopped at a local drug store to pick up a few things she forgot to pack. She gathered her selections and stopped to talk with a few people she knew.

Her phone rang, and she began to get butterflies in her stomach. “Hello?” she answered.

“I am here.” he said.

“Are you in your room?”


“What room number?”

“122.” He answered.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes; I am just down the street.”

She pulled her car into the parking lot of the hotel and found the room, so she parked in a convenient spot. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the bag she packed and walked to his room. She was nervous, anxious and every excited to see him again.

Knock! Knock! She waited and it seemed like a minute or two before he came to the door, she was afraid she may have gotten the wrong room. He opens the door and they smile at each other as she enters his room. She was very nervous, and she thought he might be too. They exchanged their greetings and must have forgotten how nervous they were as their arms wrapped around each other and their lips met.

She was excited, his lips against hers, his body tightly pressing against hers, and the excitement from a couple of days earlier had returned. It was like she was in a dream. Before they knew it they were on the king sized bed kissing and touching. Both were very excited, but they took their time before clothing had been removed.

His hand slipped over her breast, she softly moaned. Her eyes closed tightly as she pressed her lips tighter against his. Her tongue dancing with his and her body was responding to his gentle touch. One by one he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open and then removed her bra. His mouth clamped down on her nipple, she let out a moan of pleasure. She ran her fingers through his hair as if she didn’t want his mouth to leave her sensitive and responsive nipples. Her breasts were devoured by his eager mouth and tongue. She pulled his polo shirt off of him and their naked chests smash against each other. Her lips searching for his, oh how she loves how he kisses. Passion was hot and if this was any indication of how the night was going to go, they were both going to be totally satisfied, exhausted, but satisfied.

Touching and feeling each other, the two explored each others body with their hands and their mouths. Now totally naked he kissed his way down her body and moved his face between her thighs. He nibbled and kissed her sensitive and ticklish thighs, pulling her legs apart more he teased her with his tongue. He was careful not to touch that sensitive button but lick and kiss everywhere around it. Her breathing was heavy and soft moans were escaping her lips. Squirming under him, she wanted him to move his mouth upon her eagerly awaiting clit. Her eyes rolled back as his tongue swept over her hardened clit. Soon he was licking and sucking on her. Her breathing was mixed with louder moans. His tongue danced on her clit until she screamed out in sheer pleasure.

Slowly he created a new trail up her body with his mouth and tongue until his mouth met hers. Turning over, her now on top of him, she smiled as she worked her way down his body and took his erection in her hand. She looked in his eyes as she slowly stroked it and lowered her mouth on it. Swirling her tongue around the top and around the little valley below the head, she then sucked it into her mouth. Her lips slide up and down his shaft, her greedy little mouth was devouring his hardened cock. Glancing up at him, she smiled as he was lying back with his eyes closed; gradually she pulled his cock into her throat. Hearing him moan a bit she continued to work his cock in and out of her throat.

She pulled her mouth to the tip of his cock and sucked on it, her tongue exploring every inch of his erection. She licked her way down his shaft and sucked his balls into her mouth, her tongue swirling around them.

Kissing her way up his body, she paused to suck and lick his nipples, and soon her mouth met his. Their bodies intertwined together and the passion was high. They continued to explore each other as their excitement increased. The two rolled over and he was now on top of her, she smiled at him and asked him for a condom. He put a condom on and gently he slipped into her. Looking into his eyes, she responded to his every touch and move. Not many words were spoken as they busied their selves with acting out the passion they had shared online and from meeting a couple days before.

He told her to roll over and get on her hands and knees, anxiously she did. He grabbed her hips and entered her; she let out a scream as he shoved his cock deep into her. His pace was increasing, small moans slipped from his lips. She gripped onto the comforter on the bed and held on. Being a moaner and a screamer, she did not try to stifle her cries of pleasure. As he slid in and out of her, she was oblivious to her surroundings, nothing mattered but his pleasure. He came. They collapsed on the bed and held each other, caressing each other, kissing, enjoying the moment they had been anticipating.

“Well, should we get dinner?” He asked.


They got up, looked at the room and their clothes scattered throughout. The bed was completely torn apart and they had not even gotten under the covers. They went out for dinner and returned to his room for dessert.

They rocked each others world that night.


keithcancook 60M
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8/22/2005 3:30 pm

I could use an evening like that. Yummy.

Did they ever meet again?

duststormdiva 51F
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8/22/2005 5:07 pm

Oh yes! Better than the first!


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