Taking a Chance  

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6/21/2005 1:16 pm

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Taking a Chance

Leaving the hospital, she glanced at the car clock and noticed that she was running a little late. She grabbed her cell phone and dialed his number. The phone rang, but the voice mail picked up. She thought, “He must not get reception here.” She left him a message informing him that she was on her way and would be there soon. Only another minute or two she parked in front of the little cafĂ© they agreed to meet at.

She was nervous. Meeting someone from the internet is always nerve wracking. She didn’t know what type car he drove, because she didn’t ask him. Hell, she didn’t event talk to him on the phone first. They met on AdultFriendFinder and had emailed a few times, then started chatting. They had only been chatting for a few days when they agreed to meet.

He had a two hour drive to meet her and she was late! She walked into the familiar restaurant and was greeted by her son’s co-workers. She smiled and said she was meeting someone. Anxiously, she looked around to see if she recognized a mildly familiar face that she knew only from photos. “There he is!” she pointed and walked towards him. He watched her as she walked up to him, and she extended her hand and introduced herself to him. Sitting down, she smiled as they searched for the words to break the ice. She thought he was handsome from his photos, but when she saw him face to face she was pleased.

About ten minutes after they met, a head pokes around the corner and her son makes a comment, she smiles and greets him. “What are you doing here, son?”

He replies, “Checking my schedule.”

“How convenient!” she smiles. “You may as well have a seat and meet my friend.” Introductions took place and they shook hands, and the moment becomes very awkward. They all engaged in a bit of small talk, and her son announces that he needs to go spend time with his girlfriend. There was a moment of silence after he left. She smiled and blushed a bit, and giggled at the fact that her son knew where she was going to be and what she was going to be doing. Even though he worked earlier in the day, he waited until after he knew his mother was going to meet her friend to “check his schedule.” Her new friend understood her sons’ curiosity and soon the situation became a joke.

Hours past by and there were no lulls at all in the conversation. It was obvious that they both were enjoying each others company. He reached across the table and held her hand. The electricity that flowed from his fingertips into hers traveled through the rest of her body. It was a feeling she had only one other time experienced. The waitress filled their drinks and commented, “You two look so in love! It’s nice to see that, rather than fighting.” Little did the waitress know they had just met. The situation was funny and they both got a laugh out of her comment.

He had a two hour drive home and had to be up early the next day, so they decided that it was time to part each others company. She was feeling a bit chilled from the temperature of the restaurant so she stepped outside to wait for him. Leaning against her car, she anxiously waited for him to come outside. Her knees weakened as he walked out the door and approached her. They leaned towards each other and their lips met. Several minutes passed by and they had trouble breaking their kiss. She didn’t want this moment end. His touch was gentle, yet sent excitement through her. His lips were soft, and hers were hungry for his mouth. They agreed to meet again soon, tentatively two days later.

As she got in her car and drove off, she had a smile on her face that would not stop. The entire meeting was a huge success and she was pleased that they were going to meet again.

To be continued...


keithcancook 60M
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6/22/2005 6:49 pm

Oh my! What a wonderful beginning. I hope she is even more pleased when this part of the story is over. I certainly wish her well. And kudo's to her son for making sure she was okay.

duststormdiva 51F
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6/23/2005 9:29 am

Thanks Keith. The rest of the story will come as soon as I find the time to finish it.


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