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8/11/2005 9:04 pm

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I talked to my boss today and told her I was considering postponing my education until January and she supports me. When I was hired to teach, charter schools only requirement for teachers was an associate's. Then the new NCLB (No Child Left Behind) laws changed and all teachers need to be "highly qualifed professionals". So, I enrolled in a unversity to obtain my bachelor's.

I won't get my degree until a year after it's required. My boss has ensured me that she has to do is send a letter out to the students parents and let them know I do not have the credentials and give them the option of not putting their kids in my classes. Yet, she will also inform them that I am in the process of getting my degree. I have a great rapport with the students and their parents so I don't forsee anyone not wanting me to teach their kids. I am a great teacher and it shows with the grades the kids earn.

With my bosses support behind me I am going to take advantage of postponing my schooling until January. Now I can do it with out concern.


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