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8/27/2005 12:16 am

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I was chatting with a male friend of mine on another chat program and dismissed myself because my eight year old daughter wanted me to read her a book and I needed to smoke.

My screensaver is set for one minute. My 12 year old must have slipped in right behind me and got on the computer, just seconds before the screensaver locked my account she wiggled the mouse she saw my friends IM the conversation went something like this:

“Bye baby at least i have your pics to drool over “

“Ok bye love ya!”

“You don't Love me you lust me “

“I know just trying to get a kick out of that...”

“We’ll stick to lust sexy looking at your pic makes me grow, the look in those eyes “

“Hey by the way this is Dusty’s daughter and you better not try to start a relationship with my mom ...or else sorry don’t mean to be rude but i want my mom to be safe.”

“Where’s your Mom?”

“Out smoking I’m sorry i want you guys to be friends but you know.”

“Well i apologize for saying anything to make you uncomfortable but you should have said who you were i thought i was talking to your mom again I’m sorry have a good night bye

“Sorry I was thinking that you were leaving so i tried to act like mom by saying good bye and you didn't say anything to make me mad so bye

“Well I’m glad “

“Me too”

“Take care”

“Ok are you leaving or what”

“Yes why?”

“Ok so ill be closing the window”

“Ok “

“That cool?”

“kewl as a jewl yeap scope ya later hasta”

By this time I am in the living room reading to my youngest daughter and my 12 year old says, "Hey Ma, I talked to your friend tonight..."

Then she proceeded to tell me the story. I got a great kick out of it and ran back to the computer just to razz him about it. Needless to say, he was mortified.

Being the gentleman he is, he saved the conversation to let me see it, but what he didn't know is that I log all my conversations. I don't know why I do, but I certainly am glad I do now!

Remember when chatting with somenoe on the net make sure the person you are talking to is indeed who you think they are! *giggle*


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