Ladies . . .  

duststormdiva 51F
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11/20/2005 9:08 pm

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3/31/2011 1:00 pm

Ladies . . .

. . . have you ever naired down there??


Okay, so I was at the store with the K yesterday picking up a few things. While there I realized I forgot to bring a razor with me so I went to the health and beauty aids department and I picked up some disposable razors. There was a method to my madness when I picked up the nair with an applicator and a razorless edge to remove the hair and cream.

I had done it before, about two years ago, and remembered my nether regions were oh so smooth and since I am a bigger woman it's almost impossible to get around all the crevices with a razor, so I thought, "hmmmm I should nair again." Well, tonight I smeared some nair on my legs, and nether regions. I noticed that my legs were going to take a little longer, but my sensitive areas were getting a bit more tingly than I was comfortable with. I could not remove it fast enough! LOL And now my legs itch. I have NEVER EVER had a problem with itching when using this hair removal before. Could it be that now I have developed an allergic reaction to it???

Maybe I'll try waxing the next time.


rm_yukonpaul 51M
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11/20/2005 10:47 pm

Can I...let me...I you with your previous situation!! Then you would feel lots better!!

slidein2meplz 61F
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11/21/2005 12:49 am

I'm afraid I would have to agree with the other ladies who have commented....unless the jar said you could use it there? Did it? Anyway...I would be afraid of just what happened to you. Guess you can mark that one off on the lesson sheet from the school of hard knocks...huh? Ouch... I hope you feel better down there soon. I do however understand what you mean about is difficult at times. If you can find a playmate that will shave you and then get to be the first to admire the handy work....then it's all good.

~~~ Just me, poppin to say HI! ~~

amrock2 51M

11/21/2005 11:11 am

See as a stated in the prev. post to many many many problems.
Just making fun of you ladies, nothing serious.

duststormdiva 51F
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11/21/2005 11:56 am

mizzkitka I have a friend who nairs her whole body. She has no problems. I have not in the past. I used to about two years ago. But the crazy thing is my legs are sensitive today now down there.


duststormdiva 51F
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11/21/2005 11:58 am

Frnds4Play maybe I'll wax next time.


duststormdiva 51F
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11/21/2005 11:59 am

yukonpaul are you trying to ask if you can shave me?


duststormdiva 51F
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11/21/2005 12:00 pm

slidein2meplz I did'nt read the instructions! LOL Guess next time I should.


duststormdiva 51F
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11/21/2005 12:04 pm

BigGirlzRSweet aloe is a good solution. I did use the "N" lotion with an "ivea" at the end. That seemed to be a decent solution at the time.


duststormdiva 51F
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11/21/2005 12:06 pm

amrock2 What???? Us ladies have problems??? Well you men have it easy!!! LOL



11/21/2005 9:35 pm

This might be sorta relevant.

A Tale of Two Hot Sauces.

Hot sauce brand: Pico Pica.

Problem situaton: Whilst eating naked I spilled hot sauce directly on to my manhood. While not habanero hot the standard level of heat sensation generated by Pico Pico (the non mild type) is pretty damn hot. Now theoretically this should have sent me into excruciating pain even if I had beeen quick on the draw to wipe it off. Amazingly I felt no discomfort whatsoever.

The reason for this, I discoverd, was that earlier in the day (for reasons that I won't detail here) a decent quantity of vaseline had absorbed into my privates. So it seems that as a preemtive measure (unplanned in this case) petroleum jelly provides the gonads with a quite powerful sheild of protection from the burning sensations caused by strong hot sauce.

Hot Suace Brand #2: Venom

Now this stuff portends to be the hottest hot sauce on the planet and is quite definitely habanero based. And compared to other hot sauces this absolutely ranks as the hottest I've tried.

When I first got some Venom I made the mistake of using it in the same quantities that I habitually used my Pico Pica. Big Mistake.

I placed around 25 drops of it in a bowl Top Ramen to which I'd also added cilantro and some chopped roast beef. At the first mouthful I knew I was in trouble. The level of heat was torturously rude and ,unlike Pico Pica, Venom really does not add a lot flavor. It's all the about the burn. I should have known as that has been my consistent experience with anything based upon the habanero.

Anyways as a growing boy (that I still am) I drink at least a half gallon of milk per day and luckily this proved to be the antidote for the overwhelming burning sensation caused by Venom and I was able to finish my bowl of Ramen.

Had I read the label on the bottle carefully I would have found a small warning that said "use only one drop". Good advice there.


PS. I've also heard that milk put straight into your eyeballs is the antidote for pepper spray as well.


duststormdiva 51F
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11/21/2005 11:37 pm

KC_JJ It's funny that you mention pepper spray, read on for my pepper spray story. LOL Crazy stuff.


PrincessKarma 43F
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11/24/2005 11:43 am

Nair down there? YEOUCH!!! (Been there, done that, never again!)

I have a post on my blog about shaving, BigGirlzRSweet has read it. You might want to take a look there...

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

duststormdiva 51F
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11/26/2005 8:40 am

PrincessKarma I'll take a peek. It might be a few days because I am not at home and can only access the net when I have the time.


_King_Cobb_ 53M
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11/29/2010 2:24 am

Oh No!!!! My old comments as KC_JJ are gone!!!!!!

I guess I really have to call AFFF and ask them to get me a new password for that account or something. I would hope that would work to make them re-appear.

But it's good to see that this classic post is still here. Please never delete this one.

One of my all time faves.

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