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10/14/2005 5:56 pm

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Just Leave it Alone!

Last weekend we had a wonderful rain. The lightning, the thunder, the mist of the rain that fell upon me while I sat on the porch was intoxicating.

During this storm there was a flicker in electricity. Upon returning to work on Tuesday, a co-worker said, "Ms. Storm, my printer is showing an error." I took a look at it and could not decide what was wrong with the printer in the few minutes I had to look at it.

On top of teaching seven diverse classes, I take care of all computer needs for our little campus. With the additional class I have been given, I have very little time to take care of anything extra outside of my classroom activities.

Every free minute I had, I peeked at the error message, but never had enough time to analyze it properly, so I never put any critical thinking into it.

Yesterday, she was messing around with the computer and something went very wrong! There was a message stating that after so many unsuccessful attempts to boot up the computer it was necessary to call Dell Tech Support. The two office personnel went into a panic when I walked into the office, as they tried to hide the computer and the message that was displayed.

Now I am pissed, because all I had to do was figure out a damned printer error, but now the whole computer may be crashing! I looked at her and told her, "I am tired, I'll do this tomorrow." I walked away pissed.

She said, "I am behind on my reports, and I need for you to work on my computer."

"I need time." I said, "I have not one extra spare minute."

"Maybe we need to hiresomeone who can take the time to work on our computers."

I tried to reboot the computer and it took awhile but eventually booted correctly, *whew*

My first hour class was doing some research, so I went to look at her computer. I discovered that her battery backup was not working properly, so I exchanged that out. When I got to her desk with the new battery backup, she asked if I wanted her to disconnect everything, I told her, "No, I want you to get out of the way so I can do it."

It ends up the printer problem was that the printer cartridge number had changed and the current one was no longer valid for that printer. This was the first I have heard of that error. So she was instructed to go to the store and get a new one, but she didn't. *sigh*

She was impatient with me till I could work on her computer, yet, she was unable to take the time to go to the store and get the proper cartridge. I don't know what she did to get the Dell tech support error and I am still concerned about that. I really wish she would not try to troubleshoot computing errors herself because she barely knows how to turn on the computer.

The solution was simple enough, but still maybe we do need to contract out a tech person. I just don't have much time!


slidein2meplz 62F
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10/14/2005 7:23 pm

LOL...I cannot tell you how many times...stuff like that used to happen at where I used to work... I swear no one could do a damn thing with their computer...constantly I was summoned. Usually always so damn simple. Just like you... I'd tell'em move so I could see what was wrong... half the time they would be so impatient... my reply to that was "welllll...I have to figure out what YOU did wrong before I CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX IT"... then of course.. I was a fucking GENIUS. I can't get over how some people manage to do their work when more and more it's becoming a technical world. I told my ex cunt boss....if (they) don't keep up they'll be left behind. My fix'n abilities just didn't stop at the computer's either.. it was the fax machine, the copier, printers...phones even. I know exactly how you felt...damn stupid people. Oh..and not to mention.. un-grateful...for taking care of whatever it was that was preventing them from doing their jobs/work.... yet.. it was ok to interrupt me from mine....gggggrrrrrrr. good post!

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duststormdiva 51F
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10/15/2005 1:19 am

slidein2meplz, I used to be a work study for a dean at the college while I was going to school and he would come out of his office, *hands raised in the air* and he would say, "Dusty!!! Can you help me with my computer???" Of course I would save his day and fix whatever problem he had. I truly believe that it should be a requirement for most jobs to have computer experience.

I felt like telling some, it was just an I.D.10 T error.


duststormdiva 51F
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10/15/2005 8:14 am

haha mzhunyhole. My very first computer... this 13 year old boy would come over and fix it. I remember when he upgraded my version of DOS.

"Ut OH!"

"Don't you ut oh, when you are fixing MY computer!"

He did a great job. I always called on him.


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