Great Shot!  

duststormdiva 51F
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10/9/2005 9:38 pm

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Great Shot!

Last night I had a dinner date and I asked my friend to take my daughters to the county fair. While at the fair my daughter #2 told daughter #1 that she would go on some of the more adventurous rides if she went on some of the rides daughter #2 wanted to go on. So daughter #1 complied, but daughter #2 backed out on her promise. So, of couse daughter #1 was pretty pissed off when they got home.

I really believe that when someone says they are going to do something they should. Today I took them back to the fair and made daughter #2 keep her promise to her sister. Sad as it was to see her go on some rides that made her woozy it was also good for her to make sure she does not make promises she can't keep.

Daughter #1 saw a stuffed animal she wanted for the decor of her room we just redecorated, and we went to see if we could win the animal. Easy as the game seemed it was really hard to do. I didn't want to play it over again as the amount of money I took with me was diminishing. I asked her if there was another game that had an animal she wanted. She took me to a cork gun game.

The game was set up where you had to shoot these blocks off of a shelf to win certain animals. Well the shot I had to make was the hardest one. I had to shoot a zippo lighter off the shelf, but it had to fall off the back of the shelf. The difference between the shot I had to make and the other shots was the other blocks were close to the back of the shelf. The zippo I had to shoot off was about an inch from the front of the shelf. Remember I am using a cork gun.

For five bucks I got six shots. The first one, I missed totally. The second shot, I knocked the zippo down. The third and fourth shot I missed totally. The fifth shot I knocked it down. My daughter held her head down everytime I took a shot and missed.

Before I made the last shot she turned around and started to walk away. I took aim. I concentrated on where I needed to hit the zippo, and BAM! It tumbled to the back of the shelf and fell off. I was jumping up and down and screaming and creating quite the scene. The guy running the booth just looked at me in disbelief. He could not believe I knocked it off the shelf. I could not believe I knocked it off. My daughters were embarrassed because I was causing such a racket.

The man running the booth had me sign the booth and date it. Then he yelled, "Another big one goes out of here!" He handed me the tiger. I was pretty happy, my daughter was thrilled. It was the perfect ending to the near ending of the county fair.


rm_pchamp012004 55M
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10/10/2005 1:07 pm

Congrats, most of those carnie games are rigged so that you can't win the big prize ... you proved them wrong

duststormdiva 51F
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10/10/2005 3:22 pm

pchamp012004 I really thought the shot would be off just a little. I know there are some of those gun games where the scope is off just just a little bit. Although, this one seemed pretty accurate. And the look on the guys face was priceless. I really think he was in shock that I made the shot. I loved it.


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