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I have a friend who is a giantess fan. He writes awesome stories about how he is a itty bitty man who lusts after the giantess who comes in like a storm and destroys cities. When he first introduced me to this fantasy, I thought it was odd. Somehow he opened my mind and we have fun spinning stories together. Although, being a giantess that destroys cities, and eats the tiny people, and uses the tiny people as sex toys while smearing them over her breasts and between her legs is not something that appeals to me, I can let my imagination go and have fun with it.

Another fantasy that I have noticed people like is the D/s role play. Some people like to live their lives that way. I might explore one day and do some role playing with it. I guess I don't fully understand how one could submit totally and completely to another. To me most submissive's are like children; they won't pee unless told to do so. I have never met a Dominant or a submissive that was less than polite, that is an attraction to me.

I do have a strong personality, and I have had many submissive men approach me, but usually end up leaving because they say I am not mean enough. I worked years to build my self esteem, and I can't understand how one would get turned on by having another humiliate them. I don't understand the severe punishments Dom's give their subs either. It takes special type of people to enjoy such behavior, I don't understand it.

I like fun, playful, sensual, and almost fairy tale fantasies. In the extra questions on my profile my fantasy is playing behind Niagara Falls. The water mist spraying and my lover and I becoming oblivious to our surroundings and fucking for everyone to see. Okay, so you won't see that in a fairy tale.

I want to hear about your fantasies.


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