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Where to begin

As a boy growing up I first encountered my first naked girls as a lot of guys do their sisters. In my household clothes were not worn by my dad and my two sisters nor myself. My mom was always clothed from head to toe. Of course the usual curiosity between a boy and a girl was not lost on me. I in the fifth grade became very interested in both my sisters private area and I wanted to explore it. Both my sisters were younger then I one was a year and a half and the other was four years younger. The one nearest my age was capturing my imagination and I was feeling aroused around her and I wanted to touch her. I never did but I wanted to. Also in the fifth grade a girl really liked me and I didnt like her. I guess the fifth grade is where the boy girl thing started with me. I was a shy guy really I was. I was small and skinny and thought no girl would like me. In the sixth grade I started to grow more bolder (by my standards) I stayed after school one day playing two square with a girl named Leslie. She was very pretty and we played till dusk. I was walking her home and I had this sudden urge to kiss her. She was taller then I but I sort of jumped up and kissed her right on the lips without asking I just did it. She was a little taken back but I think she liked it. I never tried again tho and never played with her again. I dont no why. Later in the sixth grade my sister had a friend stay over the night. They were taking a bath togeather and left the door partly ajar. I peeked thru the door and thru the reflection of the mirror I was able to see my first set of boobs. LOL of course they were small but developing and boy was I impressed. After seeing them I wanted to see more and more from many girls. I didnt. Shoot!! But I was hooked. From that day on I tried and tried to see more boobs and I was always checking the girls out. Fortunatly I grew up in the times when bikinies were arriving and that was great. I at least could watch the boobs bounch and shake and get good views when the girls bent over. I loved to watch their butts wiggle and checked out their snatch and could tell if they were doing their puberty thing. I was still a vigin thru the seventh and eighth grade and my freshman year. I played doctor with my youngest sister and her friend. I believe I was about 13 and they were nine. I was the doctor and my sister was the nurse and her friend was the patient. I remeber pulling her pants down and the smell was not good. The patient protested and I reluctantly let her pull her pants back on. That was my first view of a girls snatch besides my sisters. Now finally I have already seen boobs and now seeing pussy it made me feel good. I was still a virgin tho. I then was at my friends house and he had a sister named Linda we were a bit shy with each other but she had nice boobs. We held hands once sitting on a bed. I placed our hands on my lap and she didnt object at all. We kissed and that was about it with her. At fourteen I tried to lose my viginity with my youngest sister. I cant remember how it began just that she was laying on the floor naked with her legs parted and I was standing above her naked and I was as hard as can be. She was very willing as I was. I laid down on top of her and tried to insert my dick into her. I was very clumsy and didnt no what I was doing but I tried but was unsuccesful in pentitrating her. We both got up and got dressed and that was that. I have never mentioned this to anyone till this blog. She and I have never talked about it since then. She was 10 years old. She was willing as I was but we didnt no what we were doing. Do I have regrets about that? Well looking back on it I guess I should not of tried to make it with my sister but to this very day I wished we had done it to the finish. She and I are still close. Girls do I love their nakedness I sure did and still do. I finally turned sixteen and got my drivers license and that was cool. I went to the coast in Oregon for the summer and had a job and was on the hunt for the ladies. I met a fourteen year old redhead named Jill. She was beautiful. Oh how I wanted to make love with her. We went to dances and cruising and had bonefires on the beach. I got my first case of beer and we (counsins and the older sister and others} partied. Damn I never got to screw Jill it is a regret to this day. She was beautiful. And when she wore that European bikini it was all I could do to refrain myself. I can remember her in that bikini and she spread her legs apart and her little red hairs where appearing on the sides. We made out and I would get hard every time but she wasnt willing and I respected that. Well the summer went by and I had to go back home and I met this girl Bonnie and we hung out for a couple of months. We kissed and I would feel her boobs but I just wasnt interested I guess I never tried to screw her. Then I met Gladys i was still sixteen and she was fifteen. I took her out on her first car date and we went to the drive in movies. In no time I had her shirt and bra raised above her chest and I was sucking on them beautiful boobs. I didnt try to make it with her I was a little afraid myself. But Gladys and I hit it off. That was in Nov and at New Years Eve we went with her parents to a party. On the way home we sat in the backseat and I reached down and started to massage her pussy. She reached down and started to massage my manhood and boy I thought I would cum right then and there. Thru the days and weeks ahead I would finger bang her all the time. We both were still vigins but not for much longer. I wanted to get protection before I did it I was just a dumb kid but I was smart enough to do that. During this time I was asleep in my bed and I awoke to having my first knowen wet dream. Felt good but I didnt no if this was normal at that time. I can remember laying naked with Gladys for about two hours and yet we did not have sex. I wanted that protection and I wasnt going to do it till I did. One day I got bold and bought my first and only raincoat (rubber) in my life. I was elated and so was Gladys. We went to the drive in and got into the backseat of my 64 ford galaxy. We started kissing and petting and we got naked. I remember placing the raincoat on my very hard dick. Gladys spread her legs wide open and her dense black bush was apart revealing the very pink pussy. I remember struggling to get it in her and she reached down and guided me to the new world of sex. It lasted a couple of glorius minutes and I erupted like a volcanoe. This must be heaven I muttered to her and she smiled and sighed. It didnt take long for me to get it up again and we did it again the same night. Cant remember the movie we saw but who cared we both lost our virginity and we both we on cloud nine. The days rolled by and we didnt have sex but we got naked and enjoyed each other many times. We were afraid of her getting pregnant. Her period was irregular so we had to wait. Finally she had her period and when she was done we had our first unprotected sex. We then had sex many many times using the rythem method but like I said she was irregular and we didnt no what to do. The raincoat was never used again in my life. After a couple of weeks after the end of her period I would yank it out just before I would cum and that seemed to satisfy our thirst. Man did we have sex all the time whenever and wherever we could. In the car at her house at my house in the backyard where my friend caught us. We would go to the beach and have sex there. Spent a great deal of my high school life worrying about her being pregnant and that was not a good thing. We would be at her house and do it on the family room floor with her parents in their bedroom. We could hear the shower running thru the heater ducts and that was our signal that it was safe. We did it in a boat too. We were risk takers and it was fun and scarry too. One day we did it six times and i came all six times. Couple of those times were in her grandmothers house with both her mom and grandmother in another room making her a dress for the prom. Of course during these risk taking adventures we did not get undressed we just pulled down our pants or raised her dress if she was wearing one. We went to a wedding and it made both of us horny so we found some stairs and climbed them into a large bare room and we had sex right in the middle of the room on the hardwood floor. One time we went water sking and I didnt bring change of clothes so I was wet and stayed in tent while my pants were drying off near the fire. The people were sitting right outside the tent when Gladys came in and she quickly removed her bikini bottoms and we did it right there. Her parents couldnt of been ten feet away. We would go to her house every day after school and go to her room and screw. And every day we would be finishing and we could hear her mom come home from work and we always had to rush to get dress. This went on and on every day we did that. I figure by time I graduated from high school she and I had sex about 600 hundred times maybe more. Then after my graduation I got drafted and had to go into the service. We got engaged to get married just before I went to Vietnam. I came home for leave just before going to Nam. My feeling was I never was coming back as so many men were not. I started doing things quickly that I wanted to do before I left. One of those things is that I never had oral sex. So just before leaving I ate my first pussy with Gladys and she gave me my first blow job. I went to Nam with all the intentions of being a faithful man to Gladys. I was nineteen at the time and still naive and when I arrived there i quickly realized life expectancy was not to long. I was their about 2 monthes before I had my first vietnamise
lady. She just laid there while I fucked her. I wasnt impressed but soon I understood if that they show any emotion or movement they are considered a whore and could be shot for it. Couple of monthes later I had another one and it was kind of strange. I went to her house and she asked if I wanted to take a shower. I said sure and we proceded to get naked and wraped towels around us. We walked thru these backyards and people were staring at us. We went to a community shower and she washed me completly to include my butt. I didnt get hard and that is a first for me I was with a naked lady and pretty at that and she was touching me all over and I didnt get hard. We got done with our shower and went back to her place. We climbed into bed and started to have sex. I was astonished as it lasted not 2 minutes nor 10 minutes but well over and hour and I didnt cum. I got exhausted and had to stop for a bit. I remained hard and soon we were at it again. Not long this time maybe five minutes or so and I came. She remarked to me you did number 1 and she had never had somone who lasted so long. After six monthes in Nam this other soldier was complaing that he had the shanks. I didnt no what that was and he said it was a form of VD. He pulled out his penis and he had open sores all over it. That was it for me I had no more sex in Nam I never wanted that to happen to me. I came home after a year in Nam no longer a boy but a man way to old for his body. Gladys ended our relationship on my 21 birthday. I was home maybe 4 days from Nam when this happened. She ended up marrying my best friend six monthes later. So I lost a girlfriend and a bestfriend all at once. After about ten days home I got up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom. When I came out my little sister the one I tried to have sex with had her bedroom door wide open. She was 17 at the time. Her nightgown was well above her hips almost exposing her boobs. I stopped at her door and just looked at her beautiful body and I got hard. Her pretty snatch was covered in blonde hair and I had to refrain myself from coming in and touching her. I stared for about a minute and then went back to bed. To this day I wished I had gone inside and made love to her I no she had intentionaly raised her nightgown for me to see. Well my leave was over and I had to go to Ft Lewis in the state of Washington and finish my last monthes in the service there. I was soon sent to Idaho and had a great time. I met and Indian lady who was 29 years old and I was still 21. We would go fishing togeather and she would sun bathe nude while I fished. It took awhile for me to go to bed with her. My god she turned me on to the point that I had a pre mature ejaculation. A first for me. I was somewhat embarrased by this but it didnt bother her at all she was patient and waited for me to get hard again and we made wonderful love throughout the nite. I met another girl named Sharon and we seemingly hit it off. But she was not to interested in sex so we eventually parted our ways. I got out of the service and went home and was looking for a mate. I had a problem tho Vietnam had taken its toll on me I was much too old in the mind and people my age were so imature to me. I dated here and their and my first sex after service was with a very pretty girl who was friend of my little sister. Made love all nite and never saw her again. Quickly tho my lust for women was dying. Seemed like the ones I dated where not my type or they had other men in their lives. I never got married till I was 39 years old and it lasted only 2 years I have never remarried and dont intend to. I had a lady friend for ten years after my marriage and she really like sex. Most of my previous women were not into differnt types of sex. Best I could do was oral with them. Positions didnt seem to interest them. But with this lady I was with named Trish liked it all. She was open to all types of position and she would masturbate in front of me. That was a turn on for sure. She also liked it in the ass and I learned that I did to. She liked to swallow my cum and she could cum too. Only one other girl I was able to make cum. Trish and I are no longer and item she still lives with me tho. I met another lady named Jan. Jan is a strange lady with lots of hangups. She is 52 and I was 53. The first time we went to bed she gave me head and I loved it. She was the best one to do that to me. Jan tho a nice lady and we had more sex was just too hard to see. She had some sort of phobia about going out in public. I havn seen her now in about 6 monthes. In conclusion to this blog I have a number of observations. First my sex life as a teenager was great and much better then an adult. Most women I went thru as an adult didnt satisfy my mind which is important to me. Second of all I sure wished to this day that I had made it with my little sister. I think she is still wanting to and I think this comming summer of 06 I will try. Third is I love naked women and I like them sexy but not outgoing. I think their is something to be said when women are undressing. My last observation is at the age of 54 I am still wanting sex and can still perform but most ladies seem to be afraid of relationships even tho I not looking for a spouse just someone to enjoy life with and a lady that still likes sex whenever and where ever it may occur. Questions I have and maybe you all out their can comment. Is it too weird to have sex with your sister as long as she is willing and wanting? I think if one is having sex for fun and not for making babies then sex in the family is ok. Is that too weird? Please comment.

The end.

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