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to a woman

We start with a kiss. Our lips pressing together. Our mouths opening slowly, our tongues beginning to passionately caress. As the torrid kissing continues our hands begin to explore each other. I touch your hair, running my fingers through its softness, savouring the lingering kiss and beginning to want more. My hand moves through your hair to caress and cup your cheek. I leave it there for but a moment, needing it to continue down your body. We pull each other closer, tighter, until I know you can feel the heat and size of my arousal pressed against you. My hand continues downward and I grab your ass, hauling you even closer, grinding us together. My other hand fondles your breast, pinching your now erect nipple. I leave my hand there, toying with your breast and nipple as I relish the sensation of your body pressed so closely against mine. I can feel the heat of you through your jeans as our mouths and hands become more insistent and wanting.

My next coherent thought finds us on the bed. I lie over you grinding my erection against your body. Our shirts lie discarded on the floor, unwanted. My lips finally move away from yours. I begin to kiss your ear, to your obvious pleasure. Your hands stroke my shoulders, demanding I do more to you. From your ear I move down to your neck, almost biting it in my heedless pleasure of your body. As this continues, my hand moves once again to your breast. The feel of it drives me crazy. I can resist no longer and my hand travels lower, under your jeans, stroking you through your underwear. Sounds of your pleasure fill the room as you stop me, smiling, and remove your bra. I pause for only a moment, admiring the sight now before me. I lean down kissing first one, then the other, slowly allowing you to enjoy the heat of my lips and tongue upon them. I begin sucking on your nipple, circling my tongue around it, gently gripping it between my teeth as I pull away. I plant a slow languishing kiss on your lips, admiring your mostly naked body. I travel down, kissing your body along the way... your breasts, your sides, your stomach...until I stop at the undone button of your jeans. I pull them down your legs, running the tips of my fingers along them, pleasantly surprised that you push your underwear along with them.

I kneel at your feet, looking at you, my erection impossible to hide, even through my pants. You move your knees apart, slowly, teasing me, admiring my obvious anticipation. I savour the sight of you spread before me, clearly wet and very aroused. I place my fingers upon your clit, liking the sudden indrawn breath I cause. I begin making slow circular motions and your breathing becomes hot and heavy. My fingers moves down, wanting to feel inside of you. You’re so wet I can’t wait to take you... but not yet. I curl my fingers inside you, searching for your g-spot. My tongue moves out, licking your clit, tasting you, and giving us both pleasure. With an indrawn breath you beg me not to stop. I continue holding myself there, pleasuring you in as many places as I can reach. Slowly, I remove my fingers from your wet pussy, licking them clean in front of you while my mouth moves ever lower on your body.

Placing my hands underneath you, I raise you to me. My tongue reaches out touching your lips, running first up one side and then the other. You shudder, needing more. Gently I insert my tongue into you, revelling in the taste and smell of you. I begin moving my tongue in and out of you, making steady stroking motions up and down but varying my rhythm. I hear your breathing coming faster now, becoming shallow. I know I won’t keep you waiting much longer. I take my tongue away, putting my fingers back inside you, feeling you almost immediately buck against them. I feel you gripping them, ever tighter, urgent, demanding. I take your hard, erect clit in my mouth, sucking it, licking it with my tongue as I stroke your g-spot with my fingers. Suddenly, your pussy grips my fingers almost painfully, your breath coming rapidly, and I begin to move more urgently, silently urging your to cum. You become tighter and tighter as I stay there flicking your clit with my tongue, my fingers fucking you. You cry out in pleasure as your orgasm starts. As soon as I’m sure your cumming I put my tongue back into your pussy, tongue fucking until your finished. I stay there, between your legs, licking your cum and sending small waves of pleasure up your body. Then, almost too soon, you are pulling on my arm, guiding me up, and reaching for my belt. I smile proud that I pleased you, and knowing that we have all night together..

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