much better  

dudeman6000 34M
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4/4/2006 1:34 am
much better

ahhh, what a great session indeed. Okay now that I am back on track. I thought of something interesting whilst watching a porno to give me inspiration to climax and I couldn't get the thought out of my head. Now go ahead and feel free to comment on this one. I have come to realize that there are only TWO forms of sexual interaction: Love making, and fucking. Love making is the act of becoming one with your parter for the most part a 50/50 effort to pleasure EACH other instead of one's self and this of course is just a basic way of putting things together. Then you have fucking. Fucking entails 100% self-gratification. It is primal in nature and usually only has that one simple goal of pleasing one's self as seen in the adult film industry in all of its forms. Now I'm not saying that love making has to be slow, quiet and strictly missionary because it doesn't, but you can certainly tell the difference through my eyes. I hope to minimize my fucking and maximize my love making. End of transmission.

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