Artistically speaking...  

dubois59 57M
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5/13/2006 11:10 am
Artistically speaking...

Hey there all you blog readers,

Well another eventful evening in Kelowna.
I was downtown for the Posh Nite Fund Raiser for the Arts Community in K-town.
Well I tell you there were some hotties out last night.
From behind my table,I was there representing a local Fine Dining Room, many a pretty face came by, sampled and left me standing there with a raging hard on.
One or two cutties did stop by and make a couple of suttle comments.
One in particulr caught both my ear and eye.
Her comment was "Imagine us both naked later at my place"
I told her that I had a great visual of that and sounded like a good idea to me.
Cleaned up our mini kitchen, zoomed back to the restaurant, cleaned up and back downtown to meet up with my new friend.
Well, I tell you, we were not there very long as I had barely time to finish a drink.
Off we went back to her place and the rest as it is said is history.
Great fucking and sucking until I dragged my limp dick home at 0745 this morning.
My point is this lady was 35ish and as I said before she sucked my dick like there was no tomorrow.
No bite marks, no pain just a load in her mouth and face.
Once again I will take head from a 35ish women anytime and pass on the teeth marks of those 20-somethings.


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