Introducing the dubdub "F...O...Y...C."...awards...  

dubdub1970 46M
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6/2/2006 2:24 pm

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6/3/2006 2:21 pm

Introducing the dubdub "F...O...Y...C."...awards...

Ladies and gentlemen...boys and girls......introducing to you the newest showbusiness awards....the new oscars....emmys...grammys all rolled into 1...its dubdub's F...O...Y...C... (fuck off you cunts) awards......

In this segment on a (hopefully) regular basis I'll be awarding the much coveted F.O.Y.C award to somebody...something...locally...nationally or indeed internationally regarding a topical news issue,event,debate etc highlighting whats wrong in this country of ours or the world and inviting your comments,opinions,beliefs etc as in our own small way we highlight the evil and nastiness in this world and what we can do about it...again in our own small way (and NO sds,amber,etc etc you are NOT allowed nominate me there !! lol lol)

So the first F.O.Y.C award relates to a very topical issue in Ireland at the moment...that being the debate regarding the perpretrators of underage sex i.e paedophiles and their pathetic attempts to get out of prison on the MEREST of technicalities in order that they can cause more misery,abuse and despair in their despicable and sick way

Now I dont have children but, like you all, know loads of people who do....some are even in the Ireland room and I hear and see the love care and undivided attention that they always give them......parents who always put their kids first and arent they right....I know I was always loved as a child and saw how much my parents did for me in so many ways and im sure that goes for you a fireman im able to see first hand the total devastation the death of a child can bring.....carried their bodies from blazes...heard a mothers anguished screams seen their sightless eyes,and cried for them myself...but im also blessed to see the unbridled joy and emotion that comes with the safe return of a child to its saved...dreams intact......families restored and ive wept at their joy and their sheer love for their child when they have cradled them again...glad to hear them roaring crying if it means they are spared

So you will excuse me if I define and describe the filth who abuse children...destroy children.....scar children...rob children of their very souls and being as being pure words can convey the revulsion I feel and you all as well when I see a grinning filthy paedophile trying to wriggle off the hook in court on a technicality....not man enough to face his crime.....smirking as he is released.....thinking he has beaten us all...thinking of more horrors to inflict on babies,children and teenagers to satisfy his "urges"...animals wouldnt even do it to their young...the swim coach who destroyed a young girls career by making her swim naked and abusing her afterwards.......telling her its only "fun"....shes now a heroin addict...a man who abused his 2 daughters when they were 4....his allowed to do it he said.....they are mine.......the man who downloaded sexual abuse of children of 2 and 3....the guard describing the children screaming in pain as their abusers carries out their sick acts of depravity.....a hardened dectecive reduced to tears as he described what he saw on disc as he arrested the filth who did it...

Children should be free to kick and whatever kids do nowadays....without the fear of this filth roaming our street,parks etc.....their parents shouldnt have to look over their shoulders and wonder if the man who is staring at their kids is the man who was released on Tuesday from court on a fucking technicality and in their neighbourhood.....

Ive probably gone on too much i apologise for boring you but this needs to be said by all lawabiding citizens........there is no room in our society for this the rats who caused the plague......just get rid of them

The F.O.Y.C award this week is jointly shared by the Irish government who knew about this loophole and technicality for 4 years ...4 YEARS and who are now scurrying about trying to close it and blaming each least they have introduced new laws to prevent it happening again and of course paedophile and child abusing its


and to the paedophiles its a slight them its...

F.O.Y.P.F.C...thats FUCK OFF YOU PERVERTED FILTHY CUNTS........stay in prison...and rot in hell

I promise that next weeks award will be less of a lecture...more lighthearted and easier on the eye....its just that this is an issue I feel strongly about and im sure you do to so thats why the first award is on such serious topic...relevant to us all

I look forward to your visits,views,comments and opinions - be interesting to see what you think

Thanks for reading and be lucky all

Dubdub (founder and president of the F.O.Y.C awards..)

Sulabula 45F
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6/2/2006 4:21 pm

it is a disgrace...And what sickened me was the fact that those men who had been convicted for a crime against women...were looking to get released before they were due to be...hopefully the loopholes will be closed...good post

Sula xxx

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Twister2bed 47M
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6/3/2006 1:49 pm

I am unfamiliar with the Irish legal system but....
My opinion hmm most folks don't like my opinion.
If it were up to me child abusers and sexual predators wouldn't be in jail at all they would be in the after life..I'd be happy to sign up for the job to send them there.

dubdub1970 46M

6/3/2006 2:21 pm

    Quoting Twister2bed:
    I am unfamiliar with the Irish legal system but....
    My opinion hmm most folks don't like my opinion.
    If it were up to me child abusers and sexual predators wouldn't be in jail at all they would be in the after life..I'd be happy to sign up for the job to send them there.
How right you are Twister how right indeed...........couldnt have out it better myself........get rid of the fuckers.......

Always good to hear from you mate

Be lucky

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