First Story  

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6/19/2006 6:40 pm
First Story

This was my my first story. It was written in two parts

We talked on the phone one night and you tell me that you are having a pretty uneventful night. It is somewhat late and you have to work tomorrow. I tell you I have the day off and I'm not doing anything until the following afternoon. You tell me to come on down to the city but you will probably be asleep by then. I say no problem just tell me where the key is and you do just that. I hope on the train and don't hit the city til about 12 AM. I find my way into your apartment and sure enough you are asleep. I open the door to your bedroom and I'm amazed at what I see.....

It's July and the heat is unbearable. Your window is wide open with the curtains slightly open. Your naked angelic body is dressed only by the light of the moon. I see your breasts heaving up and down to their own primal rhythm. I see the outlines of your erect nipples in the pale light as a cool breeze caresses them ever so gently. This excites me greatly and my cock reacts with a raging hard on. It is so great that it just throbs inside my shorts. I quickly undress and slide into bed in one slick motion hoping not wake to you.

I lean over and give you a gentle kiss on your lips. You wake up but you pretend to still be asleep. I start to kiss your lips and around your lips and start on your neck. You smell so good and makes my cock rage even harder. You still pretend to be asleep as I start down your neck and kiss your chest with butterfly kisses. You feel my cock against your thigh and it excites you so much. You can't stand it anymore and open your eyes and begin to kiss me and with a swift motion grab my cock and begin to stroke it. You tell me to get on my back but I say "No, I'm not done yet."

I proceed to kiss your breast and play with your nipples. I gently kiss your stomach and make my way down inch by inch taking my time. You spread your legs as I position myself. I get down to your pussy and you grab the back of my head. I proceed to kiss your the insides of your thighs as I smell your glistening wet pussy. I see your pussy start to unfold and start to kiss around it. It's driving you wild. You motion for me to go ahead as you slap your pussy. I kiss your lips all around and you dip a finger into your pussy. It comes out sopping wet and your pussy smells so sweet. I can't wait to get in there. I gently pull back the folds and your clit looks so beautiful. I blow gently on it and it sends sends electricity through your body. I kiss it gently and purse it between my lips as I suck gently on it. I hear you moan with pleasure. I insert a finger into your sweet swollen slippery cauldron and proceed to finger-fuck you. I hear you moan and it starts to get louder with each thrust. I insert another finger and the speed picks up. You are so wet.

I find your g-spot and you are grabbing my head. I stop for a moment and tell you to tell me when you think you are going to the point of no return. You motion with great pleasure and I get back to work with great intensity. I work a rhythm where I hit your g-spot and and tease your clit with great prowess. It drives you insane and you tell me to stop. We do this 3 times until you can't stand it anymore and your legs start to shake. You begin to have a monster orgasm. I look up and our eyes meet for what seems like forever. My face is filled with your sweet nectar. You motion for me to come up near you. You kiss me softly on the lips as we embrace. I whisper that's it your turn and you order me with great authority to get out of bed and stand right next to it.

You sit on the edge on the edge of the bed and stroke my cock slowly as you take it into your mouth. Your bright red lips look so beautiful and you look up at me with a naughty gaze.

I say, “I like them slow and sloppy.”

You take my cock out of your mouth and say with great authority, “Oh I’m going to take my time. Don’t worry about a thing. Let me know when you’re worked up and I’ll pull back.”

My cock instantly starts to throb. It is so hard that it aches. You proceed to take it in nice and slow. I feel my cock throbbing inside your mouth and it feels so good as you run your tongue along the underside of my shaft. You start to move slowly back and forth and I have to grab a chair to keep my footing.

You look up at me and with a devilish grin with my cock in your mouth, loving every second of this. You proceed to speed up a bit going back forth on my cock with your luscious lips. Your red lipstick is leaving a red hue along my swollen shaft.

I tell you to hold up a bit as you take my cock out your mouth and begin to kiss my stomach and thighs. You say in an effort to tease me, “What’s the matter honey? I am just getting started.”

I reply, “So am I, I just know how to pace myself.”

You look down at my cock and see my pre-cum and say, “What’s this on the tip of your cock? I’ll have to get that off of there.”

You proceed to go down and suck my cock slowly lapping up all my juices. Your work your hand slowly up and down my shaft as you play with my head with your tongue. You begin to pick up on my body language and realize that it’s the tip of my cock that is most sensitive. You stay there for a while and suck on my head using your tongue to tease me.

You take my cock out of your mouth and begin to stroke slowly and say “What’s the matter Tom? Are you still hanging in there? You know you would not be in this position if you just let me go down on you first. You’re just paying the price now.”

I reply, “Bring it on girl.”

You just sigh while stroking my cock and looking up at me, “OK but this time you’re going to explode. I would hold on to those chairs if I were you.”

You are loving every minute of this as you tease the hell out of me. You have me at your whim and know that you can get me off at any given time.

You take my cock into your mouth and proceed to move up and down very slowly. You stroke the shaft with your tongue with such great finesse. Over the next few minutes the speed picks up and you look up to see me sweating profusely. You’re grinning on the inside knowing that you’re satisfying me greatly.

You look up at me and we make eye contact and grab my ass with both hands. You clench it so tight to get my attention. I look down and you go to work to finish me off. You proceed to move up and down so furiously for a minute as I try to hold back. It’s useless and I let out a big scream as I explode in your mouth. You slow down and lap up everything. You kiss the head the head of my cock as my knees buckle and my body jerks a few times. My body is like jelly and you slowly stroke my cock.

You motion me into bed and I lie down as you kiss my chest and play with my nipples with your tongue. We lie in a lover’s embrace on your bed for a while and kiss each other. We tease each other with biting and nipple play. You say to me, “Oh by the way, you’re screwing me in the morning before I go to work.”

I reply, “No, I’m banging the hell out of you before you go to work.”

You tell me, “That’s more like it.”

We drift off to sleep and in each other’s arms and await the morning’s activities.

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