christmas spirit?  

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12/11/2005 9:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

christmas spirit?

my memories of the holidays warm me. comming from a large family, i treasured the holidays. dinner with 20+ people, games, love, and friends; why wouldn't it be special.

unitl this year, down, sad, pretending for my little girl. sorry, no big christmas this year, a bare tree to speak. no, i don't know if it will be better next year. i can only hope, sweet.

i know but i promised you christmas lite outside this year. there they are in those bags. we did buy them. but it's cold; and it's freezing outside to. it was supposed to be a family day, hanging lites, but not everyone is here. not mommy, nor my heart.

i know your birthday is christmas eve. i'll make sure you have a super birthday and the merriest christmas i can. remember, it's about friends and family, and our lord, not presents and lites.

i'm so sorry, i should have never promised you a puppy for christmas. how can we take care of him? i'm at work, you're at school. he could never get the attention he needs. but i promise i will get you one. when we can.

i know you feel your mothers and my promises are lies. it breaks my heart to lose our family. i know i told you family is the most important thing in the world.

sweetheart, please forive me, for disappointing you. for ruining your memories. i'll appologize, i know your mother hasn't yet.

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