A Nice Place to have sex outdoors.  

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7/2/2006 8:37 am

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3/10/2007 6:23 pm

A Nice Place to have sex outdoors.

Hi where is a nice place to have sex outdoors here in the nice hudson valley?
IN a park on a mountaintop
Next to a lake
in an RV with the air conditioning running
else where write a comment.

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3/5/2007 11:02 pm

Hi there,My girlfriend & i allway's have Wild sex in the woods near where we live,it's secluded & quiet,so we don't get disturbed.There's a lot of broken twigs & fallen leaves,cos it's under old tree's that form a shelter.We put down a sheet to protect our knee's,or her back,I've fucked her sexy pussy hard with my fat 8" cock,she lov'es it because she scream's fuck me harder.We can really let go,it's beautiful in the summer,I finger her clit,then slide my cock slowly in & out of her gorgeous french pussy,as she get's more & more excited i speed up full momentum until she cum's.we have rest & a kiss & cuddle,then she lay's on her back,old her leg's up by her ankle's so she can see mo cock going in & out,& i can see every lovely detail of her wet pussy, this really turn's us on & we both climax in ectasy.I love when i see her like this,she look's so happy & relaxed it make's me feel so good inside to know i've done a good job as a boyfriend & a man.We normally have our picnic there,talk for a while then walk round the wood's & field's holding hand's & kissing on nice sunny day's there is nothing closer to paradise than being with my gorgeous woman.Hope you did'nt cum in your pant's while reading my best olace for sex,try it out fo yourselv,s. Best wishes from Deano.

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