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From: Betty Dodson
To: 'Dr. Susan Block'
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 2:26 PM
Subject: RE: Squirting Continued

SuzY Darling,

How adorable of you to support my tight logical Virgo mind. I promise I'll continue to be the voice for women who do NOT squirt and have NO desire to learn. As for our Squirting Dialogues go for it. But please, no reference to the fuckless Vagina Monologues. Let me know so I can post us on my website.

Interesting idea evolution supporting non-squirters for the purpose of procreation. One thought I had several years ago was that the male prostate gland creates an alkaline fluid to help perserve billions of little spermies squirming toward one egg. So if the female prostate-like glandular tissue used it's own alkaline juice, it too would promote the health of the sperm. Of course those large volumn fountains of squirts would wash the little buggers right out. Hmmmm.

The fact that we are not clear about what the squirting consists of is the fly in the ejaculate for me.

How come we don't know? A friend of mine in the "scene" loves to play with catheters. When her girlfriend puts a thin tube into her urethra, the minute it touches the bladder she releases a clear urine that's collected in a small glass. It was cute, especially since she was covered from head to toe in black latex. Well, that got me wondering if all that jostling of the bladder during g-spot banging might cause a similar response.

But even more curious is figuring out the glands with all the different names. Between the Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations by Frank Netter and A New View of a Women’s Body, I struggle to understand our anatomy. I’m pathetically dyslexic when it comes to remembering words and getting labels straight.

Ciba does all this medical jargon which is nearly impossible to understand and I’ve simplified the following: “The vestibule becomes apparent on separation of the labia. Within it are found the hymen, the vaginal orifice, the urethral meatus and the opening of Skene’s and Bartholin’s ducts. The external urethral meatus is situated 2 cm. below the clitoris. The openings of the Skene’s ducts lie on either side of the urethral opening. Bartholin’s are the deeply situated vulvovaginal glands with ducts on each side of the vestibule, in the grove between the hymen and the labia minora, at about the junction of the middle and posterior thirds of the lateral boundary of the vaginal orifice.”

A New View of a Woman’s Body clarifies and also confuses by calling everything the clitoris and dropping names based upon male doctors. I quote the following: “There are two sets of glands within the clitoris which have ducts that open to the outside. One set are minute and their specific function, if any, is unknown. The other, the vulvovaginal glands, do secrete a few drops of fluid during sexual arousal. Usually, a woman becomes aware of the vulvovaginal glands only if they become infected and enlarged.”

Here’s my version. The Paraurethral glands (Skene’s) have ducts on either side of the urethral opening. The Vulvovaginal glands (Bartholin’s kidney shaped glands) are positioned internally. Two tiny ducts open on either side of the vaginal vestibule in a crease of the inner labia toward the bottom.

The New View book says women ejaculate from the Paraurethral (Skene's) gland alongside the urethral opening. I wouldn’t be surprised if both glands along with vaginal secretions (sweating) plus a little fresh urine from the bladder were all involved in voluminous squirtings. What fascinate me is how none of the supporters of large volume female ejaculation never make an analogy to our tear ducts that are quite small yet we know that some people can cry a river, or it seems.

Once again all this squirting business seems so esoteric in light of America’s lack of pleasure skills. Especially when it comes to the basic act of women enjoying repeated experiences of orgasm either alone or with a partner. I believe the number of pre-orgasmic women far exceeds our speculations. And now they have to learn how to ejaculate. EGADS

Just last night, a 68 year old woman was being pleasured by Eric and me while her husband watched. Her pelvic floor muscles were fairly weak and she’d had a hysterectomy where the doctors cut through everything like men clear a rain forest. After two hours of clitoral and vaginal stimulation that included many different combinations, she pushed out and squirted. What? I’m not sure, but I’m sure she had a great time with or without having an orgasm.

Love you, BADly

From: Dr. Susan Block
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 6:56 AM
To: Betty Dodson
Subject: Re: Continued

Hey BAD Girl,

Please don't be "less opinionated." I love that about you. Most people are so anxious about what other people think, so I have no idea where they stand on any subject. You are refreshingly candid about what you don't like. So when you tell me you like something, I know you're really salivating.

I'm enjoying our little "dialogue" too. In fact, I'm thinking of printing some of it on my site (and including a link to your site, of course). Hey, you've seen the Vagina Monologues. Now here's...The Squirting Dialogues! Let me know if there's anything you've written in these emails that you would NOT want published.

To continue...It makes sense to me that every woman has the anatomical ability to ejaculate. That is, I don't think it's an odd *skill* like being able to wiggle your ears or do back flips. But many, or probably most, women don't want to ejaculate. I'd even guess that evolution has favored women who naturally *inhibit* their squirting capabilities, because of all the various downsides, ie., it's messy, many men don't like it, & the fact that it probably pushes a lot of sperm away from the egg, especially if the female ejaculation happens simultaneously or just after the male ejaculation.

That said, just because evolution does not seem to have favored women who squirt easily and naturally, doesn't mean that those of us who enjoy it shouldn't continue to enjoy it, and those of us who naturally *inhibit* our ejaculate shouldn't learn how to relax, stimulate the G-spot (or whatever it takes) and let 'er gush -- if we feel like it.

I'm no Squirting Missionary. I don't think every woman should squirt, especially if she, like you, is perfectly happy with her orgasms as they are, and finds it distasteful. But there are many, many women who want to *learn* to squirt, and some of their lovers want to help them, and why shouldn't they get this information? As you could see on our DVD, Deborah's method does work. At least, it worked with me, and I am not a *natural.*

I've also corresponded with Dr. Perry, both regarding *where it comes from* and what it's made out of. But questions have these tentative answers, but seem to need further study. And then there's your question: What percentage of women squirt naturally, and what percentage need to learn? These would all be interesting studies. Unfortunately, with the current administration, there are barely funds to educate people about reproduction and contraception (and masturbation!), let alone study female ejaculation.

Oh, and speaking of masturbation, it's fitting that you're the first person I'm emailing in the month of MAY...Happy Masturbation Month!

xo Suzy (with a "y," darling)

rm_anacortes 74M
2850 posts
7/13/2005 1:36 pm

OMG.. The first time my mate squirted.. I thought she was pissing all over me.. my did I jump fast.. frown..she was happy though.. even though her couch was drenched..

Dirty_n_Naughty 47M/F

4/3/2006 7:08 pm

Ms Block,you are truly an inciteful and very inspiring lifestyle goddess. I hope that you would be willing to share your knowledge and advise with us.

BTW,my fiance is a multiorgasmic squirter and she along with alot of other women I know have full body ogasms that CAN'T be faked! You get your whole body into it.

Kinky is.. as KiNkY DOES!

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